Tannoy Westminster with vintage 15" DC drivers?

I hear so many people raving about the vintage Tannoy 15" dual concentric drivers, that I started imagining how would they sound in a Westminster cabinet. Has anyone here ever given it a try? How do they sound?
I have heard modern tannoys in a Westminster cabinet and Classic 15in DCs in smaller cabinets. I can only imagine this is the best of both worlds - and both are very very good. For me nothing beats the sound of classic tannoy drivers. I have the 12 inch hpd dc and have heard the 15. The 15 is outstanding but needs space - I would think the cabinets design would enhance the 15 very much and give you an outstanding sound. There is a tannoy yahoo group that has tannoy experts who might have tried this configuration and can advise. Pls keep us updated and good luck.