Tannoy Westminster in DFW?

Looking for a place to hear a pair within driving range of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Thanks for any assistance.
Rent a van or an SUV with a big trunk...they're great speakers.
Have you contacted Tannoy.com to check their distribution?
Yep, thanks. Finding Westminster at dealer or in the wild is challenging

I would consult Audio Concepts in Dallas for openers.
Keep us posted and Happy listening!
Thanks Jafant, why Audio Concepts? Their website doesn't show them as a dealer and I've been to their showroom in the past couple years and didn't see any Tannoy. Thanks again for assistance, Art

Audio Concepts carry many, many lines of U.K. gear. Perhaps they have a line ob the Tannoy brand even if they do not advertise on the website. Still, worth a consultation. Ask for Parker-he will take good care of you. Keep me posted.
Or really anywhere in the US....

I found this on the web:

Marketing Concepts

2482 Southwell Road

Phone 972-421-4210
Fax 972-421-4220
Email bruce@mar-con.com

Perhaps, they can direct you.


Thanks Sam, hope all is well with you and yours!
You're more than welcome, Art!
Same to you :-)