Tannoy Westminster GR or SE?

I've been reading quite a lot about the Westminsters and I happen to have an opportunity to purchase either the SE as the GR versions, at the same price, but won't have a chance to listen to them before deciding.

I love the paper cone speakers, like the Glenair, and got very anxious when hearing that the GR model has some new synthetic fibers added to the paper cones, it really gave me the chills!

I use the Audio Note Ongaku UK and the listening room is 31x20x11 feet. I listen mostly to symphonic music and jazz.

Has anyone listened to both SE and GR and could advise me which way I should go?

All the Tannoy Se versions can lack bass in some set ups, the trebel over 14k starts to roll off too. The newer GR has more bass and goes higher in the treble before rolling off. Using the SE with a super tweeter is still better than the GR though.
Some more infomation .
The first version of the HE speakers had a hard edge around the main driver. The later version SE has a soft edge which gave more speed and defenition. Tannoy in their new GR have used the same idea and aplied it to the tweeter. The tweeter in the new GR has a better suround which means it can play faster/higher before it starts to roll off. This means that you dont NEED? a super tweeter.If you can get a SE for a good price then get it!! add their ST200 and its better than the newer GR.
The bass is another issue. The GR is faster and tighter. If you are using valves then i doubt you will notice a difference however with solid state it has a lot more speed and punch. In my room the Canterbury SE has more than anough bass with speed and punch but it is room and system dependent.
In the end, Tannoy make fantastic speakers and after hearing the GR i wound rather keep the SE with the the ST200 and spend the extra money on CD's
Hi Americano,

Just checking in............did you or anyone else buy the Westminster GRs? I have access to a great deal on a pair of GR's and I am pretty close to pulling the trigger. Just looking for some user insight. Thanks in advance.
I know the topic is old, but it might be for someone!

I had a TW Tannoy Westminster, which I traded for a Westminster Royal HE, and I heard Westminster Royal GR, are three big boxes with good paricularities! The TW has a tendency to "hi-fi" play very well with tubes, the Royal HE is a bit more "hi-end" without being analytical, Royal GR I heard this playing with Ongaku UK at the Americano house, was Alright, if I had $$$ I would have traded my Royal HE for a Royal GR !.