Tannoy vs Klipsch

Has anyone spent enough time with either to make a comparison? I am considering Tannoy Turnberry or Klipsch P-37F......with Pass XA60.5
IMO, having owned many versions of both makers but not the models your inquiring about I would buy Tannoy any day over Klipsch.....but if you want to step out of the box lots of speakers that better both and will work amazing with your amps which I love..
I owned the old Klipsch Heresy since I was 16 and still have at 53 and La Scalas for the last 10 or more years and one poor 1980s example of Tannoy I would also say there are better my attachment to the Klipsch is almost purely sentimental and for high decibel moments which are getter fewer and farther between.
Klipsch made my eardrums bleed. Agree with Mechans -- I prefer Tannoy.
I don't own, but have friends and family that do, Tannoy any day, 24/7.
My exposure is limited but I tend to think of Tannoy as more British sounding Klipsch, similar to other differences between many North AMerican/US lines and British competition.

Then there are "French" horns and the French sound. Triangle has moved towards incorporating more horn designs into their speakers it seems in recent years.

British sound is more laid back and warmer. French is fast and detailed. North American/US is generally somewhere in the middle.
I have Klipschorns in my Family room and Tannoy Westminster Royals in my living room. The Tannoy's are smoother and I find I listen to them more often,longer and without any listener fatigue. I cannot say about the smaller speakers in the two line ups but if my experance is transferable to the others I would go with the biggest Tannoy I could afford.
Thanks folks. Your responses have certainly taken Klipsch out of the equation. Still going to give Totem a listen, but probably going the Tannoy route. I would love to go up to the Kensingtons, but they are double the Turnberrys, and not a fan of the glenair look, and I'm not sure if they are an improvement for the extra cost as well.
I want to add that the "vintage series Klipsch have been heavily modified and may sound different. A flea watt amp, was never the right amp for them, they had fabric/doped suspended woofer surounds, which too some real power tjeir overcome. I would be curious to hear them now, so don't completely abandon them, just avoid the crappy new models and ask the salesman to hook them up to McIntosh if possible very synergy. They may think your nuts but insist!
Totem are great you will likely like them a lo.t a wise choice.
Tannoy makes music, Klipsch plays loud.