Tannoy VS Dynaudio

I use to laugh at threads like the one I'm creating...how can anybody know better then my own ear?

But I've been listening to a pair of Tannoy DC6 bookshelf speakers (and smaller driver DC4 floor standers) on a small Prima Luna setup at a dealers and I'm blown away every time...

There is just something about those Tannoy concentric drivers that sounds so much more open and 'right' to my ears that when I get home and listen to my DynAudio 52SE's they seem slow...riddled with phase issues and don't image as nicely. The Dynaudio's are more then the Tannoy's (which are made in China). With the Dyn's I would spend hours figuring out placement and even a mm of toe in could change things...the Tannoy's on the other hand require very little screwing around with placement...they're just great at producing a clear image.

Any comments or opinions? I use a SimAudio i-5 integrated currently with a fairly good front end digital source. I will likely arrange for an in-home audition but was hoping for comments before hand.
Concentric drivers have clear technical advantages in imaging and coherency, all other things aside. So what you say does not surprise me, especially if listening in a smaller room from a lesser distance.

The Tannoy concentric driver speakers are a line that frequently get my attention but I have not heard any yet.
Also consider the Tannoy setup is being driven by tube gear I assume, vs. your Dynaudio's being driven by an entry level solid state integrated. Maybe consider using a tube integrated with your 52SE's. Thinking a Cary SLI 80 would be a good choice.
Its your money and your ears...go with your favorites. Don't care what anyone says pro or con.

I realize that, and have taken that into consideration, however the Prima Luna integrated is almost 1/3rd the price of my SimAudio.
Tannoy and Dynaudio are two completely different animals. Their respective "house sound" is just going to be different and it is not surprising that you prefer one over the other. Cost really doesn't have a lot to do with which you prefer.

You may have already covered this territory, but the only recommendation I'd have before you make a final decision is to make sure you've listened to an extremely wide range of music on both. You've probably already done that with the Dynaudio since you own them, but resist the temptation to make a decision based only on demo records or a narrow genre of music.

The point of owning a stereo is to enjoy music. If you can have more enjoyment for less money, go for it! Use the savings to buy some more music.
I don't want to confuse matters any more but I've never been a fan of Simaudio. I've had an I3 an I5 and a W3 in my system/s over the years and always found the sound annoying. Almost like the amp tried to stand out over any other component, tirelessly trying to make every sound come through. I always wanted to like them because of build, style, power, etc.

These amps actually helped me understand that there are many sets of ears out there with all kinds of preferences. Never heard Tannoy but I think I would like it, Dynaudio never really did it for me either.
I have never heard a Sim gear but I have heard the Tannoy, Dynaudio and Primaluna. One thing is Dyns always come to their own when playing loud in a relatively larger room.
It is then that you kind of appreciate what they do best. But in a smaller room they are just okay. Tannoy on the other hand is very nice and should I say presents a tonally and timbrally more intimate realistic sound even in a smaller space and even at lower SPLs. Regardless of price I would assume that a good tube amp like Primaluna will always be very high in bringing out emotional content from the music, which your Sim may/would not do as well. Dyns driven by tubes is a hit or a miss, so you need to audition before you buy a tube amp for dyns.

I know Dyns can sound relatively cold and thick if not paired appropriately with electronics and I somehow have a feeling that is causing the issue in your case as well.
Another thing, Dyns require beefy but neutral-warm sounding amplification, something like a Pass, Plinius or Odyssey.
Just had my first pair of Tannoys, the 613: a closed, 6-sided cabinet with a dual concentric unit, a a woofer and a similar sized passive woofer. I do like the sound, but just like other Tannoys I've heard, I don't find them to be neutral. They have a distintive sound while (IMHO) experience Dynaudio is the more neutral performer, more depending on the quality of the source/record.

I don't see the problem however: if you prefer the Tannoys, then they are the ones to get.
both sound like great systems, but as you know, the grass is always greener.

It's fun to change, go ahead and do it.
This may be obvious but don't ignore the room (dealer vs. yours). If you can swing an in-home trial of the Tannoys and maybe the Primaluna too, and it still sounds better, go for both, sell the more expensive stuff and buy more music. Life's too short.
It seems for less money the Tannoy and tube amp combo has evoked a favorable musical/emotional response thats missing with your current system(even though it`s more expensive). You should trust your ears, you`ll be happier.
"Dyns always come to their own when playing loud in a relatively larger room"

Agree whereas the strengths of concentric drivers come more into play in a smaller room at closer listening distance. So room size may well be a key factor in determining better performance with these.

And yes, proper amplification is a must for the Dynaudios to shine.

Even if both are performing optimally, I would not expect tannoys to sound like Dynaudio from what I have read about them, so personal preference for how things should sound will also come into play in a big way here I would expect.
"Dyns always come to their own when playing loud in a relatively larger room"

So do the big Tannoys! If you are not sure about them, pick up a pair of the v8 off of ebay for about $200 and try them...

Although Tannoy are high sensitivity, they do like some power!
Need to try the Tannoys in your room with and without the Prima Luna.

I personally love the Tannoy sound in smaller rooms or nearfield listening, but sitting 6ft away in a small room may not be what you can do in your living room. The set up issues with the Dynaudios is as least partly your room.

Which Tannoys can you recommend for nearfield listening in smaller rooms and why?

Haven't done serious listening to the Tannoys in a while but I really liked the Tannoy Dual Concentric monitors Revolution and Definition series when last looking. I also owned not concentric Tannoy monitors for years and loved them when I was in an apartment.

As mentioned they just sound 'right' when in the right sized room and with good amplification. I think part of it is that they are well balanced. You don't listen to them and think wow what detail, or wow great pacing. Split things down the middle which isn't sexy to do but works. Tonally they are warm but for near field that is a good thing.

In too large a room or sitting too far away they just sound fake like a boom box, its making music and maybe it even sounds good but does not pull you in. There are other monitors I've heard that sound much better in larger rooms.
I sold my Dynaudio Contour 5.4's, and built a custom pair of Tannoy HPD 315's (12" Dual Concentric). I intended to see how the 12" DC would sound if maxxed out with the best possible enclosure and crossovers. The project was successful, they smoke the Dynaudio's, and most every other loudspeaker I've yet heard. I have never heard the best of the Dynaudio line, the Temptation Masters, but my $4500 investment in the Tannoys would hold up quite well in a shootout with the Dyn $80-100K speakers, I think. It would be interesting to try, if it could be arranged.


From your pics, that does not surprise me. I would seek speakers with more of a point or small line source type configuration as well with your listening room configuration.
I don't have enough experience to comment on the Dynaudios, however I have a pair of vintage 12" Tannoy Monitor Golds with the doped paper surrounds in custom cabinets that are well braced and made of baltic birch and walnut veneers, crossovers redone with audiophile parts and hardwired in bypassing the compensation controls. They have unbelieveably great tone, they are dynamic, uncolored and simply a joy to listen to. I listen to primarily acoustic music, from small jazz combo's to big bands and from small classical works to big symphonies. They do a great job, sound wonderful with tubes. You should try to hear a pair of vintage Tannoy's in custom cabinets if you can...very impressive.