Tannoy Turnberry vs Revel Studio vs SF Cremona

In terms of getting the most anolog sound which I should choose

Tannoy Turnberry or
SF Cremona or
Revel Studio

Thanks for sharing.

Michel UK
I own the studios. They are extremely NEUTRAL and true to the component chain preceding them. If you have an analog front end, you'll have an analog sound. If you have a digital front end, you'll have a digital sound. No one will consider these to be warm sounding.

I considered and listened to the Cremonas before buying the Studios. Cremonas are definitely warmer. if you like that coloration, then the cremonas are a good choice. One other caveat - the cremonas are much smaller than the studios. They might be easier to live with.

I have never heard the Turnberrys.
It automatically defaults to SF...
I too own the Studios. They are a very good, and very neutral type of speaker. They have great frequency range response and they soundstage and image quite well. I auditioned the Cremonas and they are a fine speaker as well. However, they were too colored for my taste also.

Analog is my medium of choice as well. (I use a Basis 2001, w/RB900 arm and a Koetsu Black cartridge.) My Studios do a fine job of letting the music through without coloring it.

The build quality of the Revels is top notch, although the Sonus Faber seemed to be built pretty well also.

The only downside to the Studios is that they are somewhat power hungry. Be prepared to use at least a 100 wpc amp. I use a Levinson No. 23, which has 200 wpc, and it sounds great. (I also use the Ayre K-1X preamp. So now you know my entire system!)

I have no knowledge of the Turnberrys either.

Good Luck in your search!
If you can, hear the Tannoys. But it depends on your taste in music. they are awesome for classical, jazz, voice and other acoustic music. Not so great for hard-driving rock.
I have the Revel Studios as well. I am about to upgrade my analog rig from MMF 5 to Eurolab premier. When I bought my rig I was a novice and didn't account for quality interconnects. I now know what is possible and I can say that the Studios are amazing when fed by the right components. I have the ARC LS 16 mk2 preamp , ayre v-5 x amp (150wpc) and the Cary 306 cdp. I plan to put a Morch dp-6 arm and scheu benz cartridge on the eurolab. I think I'll be done for many years to come.