Tannoy Super Tweeter ST 100

Does anybody have any personal experiences with these tweeters that they can share.Would you reccommend them?Thanks Ambrose.
It is a nice product but does not compare to the quality of the Murata super tweeter IMHO.
I can reccommend the Townshend Maximum Super Tweeter, borrowed a pair from a friend for a week and purchased a pair for myself.
i've heard them in several systems, usually with big tannoy speakers. i can assuredly hear what they do, which is to drive me from the listening room.
Dear Ambrose: The Tannoy supertweeters are great ones, I own the ST 200.

Now, before you buy any " supertweeter " you have to know exactly what are looking for in the music/sound reproduction of your audio system, you have to define your music/sound reproduction priorities and to have experience with live music. Then you can decide if a supertweeter meets your priorities.

If you buy it, you have to have care about how can blend with your main speakers: crossover points, volumen, position, etc...

Remember that you only know the " presence " of that supertweeter when you disconnect it.

Regards and enjoy the music.