Tannoy Stirlings on the way!

Hi, everybody.  Longtime member, first time caller.

I just ordered up a pair of Tannoy Stirling GR floorstanders, and, frankly, I'm looking for people to rejoice with!

I'm a speakers guy, through and through.  I've got Dynaudios, Focals, B&Ws, Totems, Wharfedales, Klipsches, and even my old Polk 5Bs, the first speakers I ever bought, way back in the '80s.  I wanted to try something very different, and the Prestige line Tannoys really spoke to me.  The coincident drivers, the old-school-ish paper cone, the old-school cabinets and ports.  I'm really looking forward to hearing how they soundstage!

I thought about getting the Turnberrys, but the Stirlings should be just about the perfect size for my [extremely irregular] room.  Especially since I already have a pair of subs.

I'm pretty chuffed.

Hey, for premium prices, you ought to get something you like to both see and hear. The grills and general "old timey" looks appealed to me, too.

The Prestige oiled walnut cabinets become more beautiful with age, too. If you wax them once a year or so. The Liberon Black Bison paste wax (Walnut color) is what you want - exactly the same as the stuff Tannoy ships. Other waxes use solvents with a noxious scent; no good for a living room application. 

Big thanks muveling!  Looks like it's readily available a few places.  I've only waxed mine once since 2019 and the factory supplied will be gone in another application or so.  Curious, where did you order yours?


Amazon.com. I’ve got 1.5 Liters of the stuff now lol. No more stressing over the Tannoy tin getting low. Did my first wax application with it a few weeks ago. It’s EXACTLY the Tannoy stuff.

Finally got a good tipoff on what they use / relabel. I’d bought Briwax before in an attempt to find the right Tannoy wax replacement, and that stuff is awful - very noxious fumes, more runny due to the harsh toluene solvent used - not OK for an indoor home application (didn’t even try to use it). The Liberon paste has that wonderful Tannoy smell.