Tannoy stirling HE vs SE

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one simple question, what is the difference between a HE version and a SE version? in tannoy?

I have a Tannoy Stirling HE and search the web without finding this answer?

Thanks for any help you could provide!

Why don't you call the distributor?
Apparently (forgot where I read this), in the move from HE to SE, Tannoy finally started using more "audiophile-approved" parts inside the Prestige line of speakers. The internal wiring is done in Acrolink copper, which is high-end cabling from Japan (in fact the supplied binding post jumpers are also Acrolink). I think they're using higher end parts in the crossovers too, though I'm not sure what exactly that entails. Not sure if there are changes to the actual driver and/or crossover designs.

The HE apparently stood for "Hard Edge", which IIRC refers to the drivers' surround (the SE versions maintain this same surround).
Just send an email to tannoy, and what they offer me is: create an account and post question on there newsgroup!

i remembered a yahoo newsgroup on tannoy, but couldn't find the proper adress?

Thanks for the info, HE (hard edge) SE (smooth Edge), make senses! HE have VDH inside cabling? but jumper are cheap do!
No, SE is not "smooth edge". Re-read Mike's comments.

If you look at the Tannoy web site, select the Prestige series and any one of their models, look at Features. That will explain the differences are wiring and crossover parts quality upgrades. The drivers and cabinets remain the same.
Correct, just received the info from tannoy today? and upgrade of sandrigam reflected the update the SE has!

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By the way, anyone knows the pdsf for HE vs SE and current price for a use pair?