Tannoy Speaker Cable Synergy

Just wondering if any of you have any thoughts about speaker cables or brands that might exhibit synergy with Tannoy speakers such and the Kensington...
Tannoys are wired with quality grade Van Den Hul
Google for the exact model

VDH actually made one for them under the Tannoy name a while back
A couple of weeks ago, I switched to Auditorium A23 speaker cables. They were designed to be used with Shindo equipment, low-power amps and high sensitivity speakers. They are excellent, and reasonably priced, 3 meters was $1180, with shipping paid by the dealer, Whetstone audio in Austen Tx; I believe they are located.

Very happy with them, my custom HPD 12" Tannoys sound the best they have ever sounded, to date.

I believe the olde prestige models were VDH..since 2007 they are all Oyaide and High purity Silver wiring
Cardas Clear
I have done some research into the question of cables and Tannoy Prestige, since I have lived with Kensington SE for 5 years and now for the last months Kensington GR. Tannoy states that they use Oyaide, but I also have heard rumours of they using LFD cables in critical sections of both SE and GR. I am not sure of this but Kensington uses silver to the horn tweeter and cobber to the bass. A couple of years ago I picked up LFD biwire silver reference. It is a cable that uses solid-core silver to HF and cobber to bass – as inside Kensington. After this I have never looked for another speaker cable for Kensington. It just sounds right.