Tannoy SGM 1000 is number one with a Bullet! (13 of them acutally )!

Ok, so a customer brings me in a single Tannoy SGM 1000 for service.  He says he has been playing the pair he inherited and the one he has in his SUV made a "popping" noise during play and he wants me to check it out.  I see there are several holes in the grill cloth but heck they are 30+ years old right.  Upon pulling the grill frames we discover the reason for the holes.  No less than 13 22 caliber bullets have been fired into the speaker cabinet!
  10 of the shots are very closely grouped in a 2.5 inch cluster near the lower edge of the exposed woofer basket just above the 3 gold plated contour and frequency output selectors.  One is off to the right of the main cluster by a few inches and the final 2 are well off to the left of the main grouping and into the wood on the grill frame.  The contour and frequency output selectors are all pushed into the cabinet and there are crossover parts literally hanging off of the board.  There are pulverized sand cast resistors, inductor coils are all hanging free and in one case totally severed from the crossover.  The crossover board has a 2X3 chunk missing and the daughter board is only connected by the wire leads that feed the inductor coils.  The woofer basket has at least 4 direct impacts with one making it all the way through the cast metal frame edge.  There is a pile of hdf flakes in the bottom of the cabinet along with the smashed resistors, severed inductor coil and you guessed it, a small pile of lead slugs from the aforementioned 22.
  The guy who brought it in did NOT shoot them and he has had them in storage for a pal who passed for almost 8 years.  The holes in the cabinet face were filled with a light grey wood putty a long time ago.
  The project is of course to restore the crossover to a proper working state and see what can be done for the cosmetics of the cabinet.  The driver basket is cracked at the impact site but is not warped or out of round.  There is a 1 inch rip in the treated cloth surround close to the impact site. He is binging me the other speaker to use as a guide for parts values.
  I have a few requests:

1.  Does anyone have a line on a Tannoy SGM 1000 schematic?  This is the one with the 3 screw in contour and frequency response selectors.

2.  Has anyone re-built or even upgraded this crossover model?

3.  Who can come up with the best "One day while listening to the stereo..................." story!

For crossover replacement, check mainlytannoy on Ebay. Mark Pitcher is his name, he makes and sells Tannoy crossovers.

The best source for Tannoy info can be found at Hans Hilberink's Tannoy site.

Please post with an update should you manage to get the speaker back to playing properly again. Tannoys are incredibly tough.
I would be surprised given all the damage reported that restoration would make more sense than replacement.

 This pair is part of an audio legacy that was handed down to my client and he holds them in high regard.  The main challenge is the crossover board and parts.  The cabinet and driver have cosmetic issues but should be 100% functional one we are done.  Some things are worth the effort.