Tannoy Revolution Signature Series

I had a brief audition of the Tannoy Revolution Signature DC6 and thought it has good transparency, resolution, soundstaging, and capture the micro-dynamics quite well. Easy to drive and works well with SET amps.

That said, the sound strike me as somewhat on the cold side and lacks tonality. Vocals not its strong suite. As my audition was made in a unfamiliar set up, I cannot be sure if this is due to the rest of the audio chain.

Would like some opinion.

its been my experience that speakers that 'enhance the frequencies in the middle, are the ones that impress in auditions when it comes to vocals(especially female). that said, its usually the more balanced design that stays in the line-up. these pages are filled with models that can knock-your-socks-off upon first listening...they also wind up for sale again too. as far as 'tonality', tannoy's reputation in studios and post-houses speaks for itself. 'tone' is not a weakness with tannoy.
Sounds like a synergy issue.