Tannoy Prestige Turnberry GR Limited Edition or ProAc D 30 R o RS

I’ve owned a pair of Tannoy Cheviot II for 28 years... Now, I would like to replace them either with a more recent Tannoy model (i.e. Prestige Turnberry GR Limited Edition) or with ProAc D 30 R o RS.
My amplifier is an old Exposure Super XV, which I intend to retire as well.
Which of the two should I go for?

I would be particularly pleased to hear akg_ca’s opinion.
Thank you all for your contributions.

@misanthrope - which of these speakers can depend on which amp you replace the Exposure with - Solid State or Tube

Both speakers are personal favorites of mine, but...

If you were to chose a tube amp I would probably suggest the Tannoys over the Pro Ac - but it really does depend on the tube amp as well. The Tannoys are more efficient at 93 db vs 89 db for the ProAc

Otherwise I might suggest the Pro Ac, because the Tannoys can be a little picky when it comes to placement (i.e. toe-in) and they like a larger room.

I love the Tannoy in a large room with lots of space around them - e.g. they really excell when there is 4-5 ft from sidewalls and 6+ feet from the wall behind them, but I think the ProAc can be more versatile from a placement perspective in a smaller space.

Also, Tannoy requires toe-in such that the axis of the speaker crosses just in front of the listener - this can vary from model to model (you probably know that). With ProAc the toe-in is room dependent, but not as severe as the Tannoy

Either will provide superb sound quality - as you know the Tannoys tend to be a little smoother and relaxed. Diana Krall really does sound velvety on Tannoys

The ProAc are a different sound - great, but just different

Also it depends on you musical tastes

I think since you own Tannoy now - I would recommend the Prestige Turnberry GR Limited Edition. You know the "Tannoy sound" - changing it may not be to your taste.

If possible - listen to them both with the same gear in the same room
My last speaker purchase - I took my amp and speaker cables to the store - SOLD!

Trust your ears - Steve :-)

Hello Steve,

I would certainly opt for a solid state amplifier (Exposure 3010S2D Pre-Amplifier & Exposure 3010S2 Mono Power Amplifier).

I mostly listen to classical music (including opera).

Room size is 213 sq.ft. Both speakers would be less than 2 ft away from the back wall and one a little over 1 ft away from the sidewall...

Thank you so much for your advice

@misanthrope - It really depends on your ears.

I have heard the Tannoys in a more confined space than above and they still sound great, but they may take some adjusting to get them to sound their very best. The Exposure is a good match - a relative has similar Exposure/Tannoy combination and it sounds very nice

The ProAc is a fine speaker and may sound very good in your space - it’s hard to say.

A comment from a friend that works in audio and sells Tannoy - once a customer buys Tannoy - it is for keeps.

For your space, the Tannoys may work very well, because of their required toe-in angle. If you have the flexilibiltiy you should try the Tannoys on the longer wall.

If I were in your position and for the type of music you like - I think I might just go for the Tannoys :-)

The really do excel at vocals and they are built for classical and Jazz/easy listening

Regards - Steve

Hi Steve,
I wish to inform you that I made a big mistake. Eager to radically change, reluctant to spend too much, influenced by a number of enthusiastic reviews, I eventually purchased a pair of Spendor D7. Very appealing at first, after a while they proved to be lean and almost inexpressive - I dare not imagine that the amplifier (Exposure 3010S2 Pre + 2Mono Power), new as well, might contribute to such a disappointing outcome...
So I regret I didn't go for the Tannoy Prestige Turnberry GR Limited Edition, which are no more available. I could fall back on the Turnberry standard or opt for the updated version of my old Cheviot, so-called Legacy Cheviot. Did you happen to listen to any of them?
Best Regards
I would guess that Cheviot is a better choice than either Turnberry or  ProAc D 30 R o RS. Why change?