Tannoy Prestige Speakers

Where can I find Tannoy Prestige speakers on the east coast?
On the site, click on Sales and Service and then use the drop down menu to find a dealer...


Isnt the internet great !?
Go to the Tannoy website and click on Sales and Service. I bet you a hundred bucks you can find the answer to your question.
Dang it Riley804, you can type faster than me !!!!!!!!!

Sneaked that one in ! Good to see someone that shares the same thoughts on this : )
there is a tannoy dealer [AUDIO SALON] inside the biltmore hotel in miami,
he has the whole line and great prices,
Yee of little faith. I went to the website and there is no dealer in the NYC tristate area and the rep could not tell me anyone who had the speakers in the Washington to Boston Corridor. Lighten up guys!
audio classics vestal ny
Thanks Jaybo, but only one used at Audioclassics that could have been a possibility. I would like to hear the Kensingtons if possible.
I know active Tannoy dealers that are not on that web site. Audio dealers and distributors are notoriously bad at keeping these lists up to date. It never hurts to ask.
There's a dealer in NYC called Audio Loft that appears to carry the Prestige line (http://www.audioloft.com/).
did you call audio classics? they often don't list new products on their site. speak to frank gow(as in mcintosh's gordon gow)
Talk to Peter Lanzilotta owner of Double-Take Studio Services at (212) 685-7900.
I purchased my Kensingtons from Audio Classics, Great service and very good price.
They are great speakers and very tube friendly
Someone in Massachussetts is auctioning a pair of 215 DMT II monitors, I wouldn't want the amps, but the speakers are among the best.


It's too bad there are so few Tannoy Prestige dealers in the US. I picked up my Kensington SE speakers from Audio Atlanta in Marietta, GA (got their floor model). Find a way to get your ears on them - it's been most musically rewarding purchase I've yet made in this hobby. Hardly anybody in the US has heard them, it seems.

I've also heard from people I trust that the Glenair (the big 15" one, not the 10" version) and Churchill Wideband are stunning. Must admit though, I'm fond of the Kensington's styling.
I just auditioned the Tannoy Kensington at In Living Stereo in Manhattan and I must say that were terrific. Very dynamic, emotionally involving and simply fun. They do not draw attention to themselves. Bass is strong, a wonderful midrange and good (if not extremely extended) treble. Very organic and easy to drive. You are listening to music, not speakers. Highly recommended (and I like Steven Mishoe's choice of music)!
So are you buying them?
Aronesss: In just a few hours you nailed it. I have lived a year with Kensington SE and your short description is so right: they do not draw attention to themselves, they have an organic and wonderful midrange; emtionally involving. And the bass is very dynamic and makes listening fun. And their only shortcoming, and I will say it is just slightly so, is their not "extremely extended treble."

For my part I have found the speakers for life. Kensington is bettered by the bigger Tannoys, but they demand a bigger room than I have. I think there is some magic with this model, with allnico and pepperpot horn, that Prestige models under it do not have (Glenair, Sandringham etc), especially in microdynamics, voices and an organic presentation of music. This last point is connected with music being presented as a "Gestalt".

This is just my subjective impressions, so take it as it is. However, I am impressed that you Aronss nailed the signature of Kensington on just one audition.
Chashas -

I need to hear one or two more speakers, but at present it looks like Tannoy. I will need to hear them one more time as I only heard them for about 90 minutes.
Understood. I'd love to hear a pair. I'm envious.
I audioned Tannoys a few times and everytines was first impressed but than turned off by their wooden, boxy sound and obvious lack of punch, which was way to obvious on hard rock. Please tell me the bigger Prestige models don't suffer from that!
I could not disagree with you more ...
I recently heard a pair of Yorkminsters driven by an Almarro 318b.
Probably as good as anything I have heard.
Not especially "audiophile" [thank goodness].They just cut straight to the soul of the music.
As a reviewer on Audio Review said-I just melt on the sofa.

Speakers for both music players and music lovers.
They transcend "hi fi".
Did they do well on rock?
I'm worried about 2 things with Canterbury - can they play FAST and punchy when it's needed and that boxy wooden sound that I heard with every Tannoy before. I'm sure they will sound huge and musical but these 2 sins are a big No to me...
Well when buying a speakers I am looking for music not sound.
In the homes of very refined gentlefolk who also know music when they hear it.