Tannoy Prestige or Living Voice

Can anybody share their experience with Tannoy Kensington and Living Voice OBX RW.Both are similarly pried. Have anybody compared both. The requirement is for a 300B tube amplifier.
I've heard both. For me, the choice would be Tannoy Kensington hands down, on the basis that they are driven with a good quality valve amp. More body and punch, better bass, more dynamic, a bigger soundstage and more engaging to my ears for the type of music I like (rock, reggae, folk, acoustic guitar). I've listened to a lot of speakers in the last 12 months and the Kensingtons are seriously good in my opinion.
I heard them at an audio show and was amazed at their sound and staging

I was told by the staff person that to get the best staging from them that the toe-in angle has to be quite acute, such that the point of convergence must be slightly ahead of the listener.

Apparently this is the case for all their dual concentric designs

Can anyone confirm this?
I have been a Tannoy owner for 40 years and thought that was true. When you line up so each tweeter hits your ears directly it is like a perfectly focussed photograph.. Last August I visited Jim Smith's Room Play Reference and he advised that with less toe-in they would give a richer presentation with more depth. I found that it works without losing the prized detail.
I Knew a lot of audiophile experts who own the Tannoy prestige line. They must be a good speakers.