Tannoy Prestige line: Westminister and down

Tannoy Prestige line of speakers:
May I ask for those who have experience with Tannoy Kensington or above to speak out with their experience.
Better yet, the long time struggle with the so called "Audiophile" bugs to keep on changing the equipment in order to find the "Holy Grail" of anything resemble "life music" or stop the "upgrading" bug.

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Thanks, Islandmandan,
For someone like yourself who knows how to complete the assembly; the old Tannoy route make a lot of sense.
It is a known fact that the technology on speakers and amplifiers have not advancing for a lot during the last 50 years, yet, the know how and knowledge to make speakers cabinet is still not as easily accessible as one might think.
Anyway, thanks for the advice and hope all the others who have experience on the new Prestige can make their valuable comments.