Tannoy Prestige line: Westminister and down

Tannoy Prestige line of speakers:
May I ask for those who have experience with Tannoy Kensington or above to speak out with their experience.
Better yet, the long time struggle with the so called "Audiophile" bugs to keep on changing the equipment in order to find the "Holy Grail" of anything resemble "life music" or stop the "upgrading" bug.

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Totally disagree with the last post. I have 3 pairs of Tannoys - 2 pairs of 15" Monitor Golds in 240 litre cabinets - about the size of the Canterbury and 10" monitors. The larger ones worked perfectly in a room 17' x 13' x 8'.
The magic is in the drivers with Alnico Magnets and hard edged surrounds ( not rubber ). These drivers are significantly more transparent than the lesser Tannoys and are only found in the Prestige Series - Kensingtons ( 10" ), Yorkminsters ( 12" ) and Canterbury's and Westminsters ( 15" ) or vintage Monitor Blacks, Silvers, Reds and some Golds.
I went from Apogees/Martin Logan CLS's to Tannoys and am very happy.
The best Tannoys I've heard are the GRF Professionals, these are very rare and no longer made, I have 2 friends who have a pair each.
Of the current prestige series I prefer the Canterbury to the Westminster. The Canterbury is a base reflex design, whereas the Westminster is a back loaded horn - you should try and hear both to satisfy yourself.
Watchtimes - In Europe I heard both the Stirling and Turnberry against the $35k Triangle Megallens. There is a sense of ease and coherence with Tannoys that for me they can hold their own against speakers much more expensive. You wont get trouser flapping bottom end or spectacular crystalline top end, but you get a musical rightness that allows you to forget about gear and enjoy music.