Tannoy PBM 6.5 Monitors anyone?

does anyone know anything about these speakers?
i bought an old pair based strictly on Tannoy's rep. no info on our BlueBook, wondering if anyone here at A-gon has any experience with these, or if they are for studio use only?

we used them in our music studio for a while....for listening not for mixing. I still have the pair in my spare equipment closet. You could do a lot worse....and of course you could do alot better. We now mix with Mackies.
STILL haven't received them, putting THAT down to it having been the holiday mail crunch, ETC. should have them any minute now (figuratively speaking).
i'll post my thoughts on them when i finally get them.
yes i paid less than 100.00, at that price, what the heck?
(IF i actually DO finally get them and it's not some flea-bay con job)
i have read mixed reviews about them, people seem to either love them or hate them, doesn't seem to be much middle ground.
I use them as my monitors for mixing. This all happens on one side of my kitchen so they double as my PA for cooking and dining. I paid $170 with shipping and they have the Limpet amps bolted on their backs. From about 80hz up they are great. I use WAV files through a TASCAM interface right into the Limpet/Tannoys. I am a life-long musician having spent the last 8 years as a bass player. Cheap, built like tanks... Until they break I'll have a hard time not enjoying music with them.
I just refurbished a pair. When i bought them they sounded unlike I remembered them. Highs were harsh, overall sound kind of pale. There is one electrolytic capacitor in the crossover I figured that I would change the ferrofluid in the tweeter and change that capacitor to a film cap.

The performance improved with the capacitor change. Harshness went away. Smoothness returned. But the soundstage was anemic. 

Uh oh. Changing the ferrofluid turned out to be more difficult a task than I felt like risking. So no ferrofluid. I did a little googling to see how someone else may have disassembled the tweeter and found that the tweeter has been re-released by the company that bought Vifa, and the replacement tweeters are under $20. 

So I got them. Wow, just like old times. These are sweet and enjoyable speakers that now sit on my bench in the garage. They work great in the near field. Sweet sounding and smooth if not the most resolute or extended. Very respectable.