Tannoy owners

Who are the Tannoy owners here, and what drivers do you have? Anyone with Black, Silver, Reds?

15 inch Monitor Golds?

HPD 385 and 315?


What amps and analog?

I heard a 315a in modern Canterbury cabinets with a silvercore 833c 20w amp and TD 124 with Ikeda 407 and 9tt that excited me. Normally am a big horn lover, and a bog panel lover. 
I based my current speakers on HPD 315's, purchased on Ebay UK. Cabinets were built to my specifications, and are 150 liter bass reflex, using an inner layer of 3/4" MDF laminated to an outer layer of 1 1/8" MDF, adding up 192 lbs. each.

The woofers were converted to "hard edge" surrounds, with custom designed and built crossovers. I use two very different amps, a Class D, using two modules bridged to mono, for 500 Wpc. My other amp is a very fine-sounding SET 300B that does an excellent job of driving the HPD's, even in my large listening room.

For analog, a DIY restored Garrard in a custom built (also DIY) plinth, using a Dynavector 501 arm, Zu Denon 102R cartridge, and Modwright SWP 9.0 phono stage. It all gives me great enjoyment for the long run.

I have 15" Golds in Altec 614 cabinets is a second system,actually prefer the 12s because of better bass control.Im running them with a tube integrated.Not my favorite sound to be honest.I prefer a quickier,faster ,more detailed presentation but I will say I like the Tannoys much better than the Altec 604s they replaced.
Looks like you are already getting a better presentation response in your posted thread on PINKFISHMEDIA AUDIO forum

the capacity of easy-peezy posting pics on that forum is a step-up.


Hope you get your answers.
Thanks guys, good feedback. 
Great thread. I have vintage hpd 315 drivers put in newly made cheviot cabinets made of birch. Great sound. I have a red wine 15 watt tube hybrid as a backup amp and the Hegel h 200 as primary. I stream on a bluesound using Deezer hd.

Love the sound of the hpds. 

My upgrade path path would be getting a full tube amp like a 300 b and move the Hegel to a second system with planars. But very happy with the modern Hegel - vintage tannoy match, its fantastic.