Tannoy or JBL

Tannoy Kingdom Royal or JBL DD66000? Will be using Rogue Audio Apollos tube monos.
Why would you want to use 250 watts/channel on speakers with such high efficiency? You would do much better to go with a simple, less powerful design.

I just went from 150 tube watts to 40 on a pair of 100+ db speakers and I think it is a much better match. I could get away with a lot less actually, and so could you.

I doubt that any person has been able to compare the two at home. I'm not familiar with JBL. But I love the Tannoy sound and would buy Kingdom Royal, if I had the bread. Mostly, I listen to classical and jazz.
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I like Shakeydeal's idea.
if you listen to full scale classical the JBL is better...if you like chamber or small jazz the Tannoy is nice....I would buy the JBL and get some McIntosh amps for it...
JBL. And don't listen to the naysayers. The JBLs respond well to high power. They can handle the power. The Everests max rating is 500 W. Harman uses high power amps in their demos. This is especially if you wanna really give those woofers a workout. It's more about current than watts or voltage, really. I think ideally, you might want to put a lower powered Class A amp on the mid and hf horns and a high powered Class A/B amp on the woofers. I'm looking into this myself for my JBL S4700s.
I do have the Tannoy Kensingtons..but with the above choices and the amp, i would jump at the JBLs
from Home Theater Review:

The DD66000 has a frequency response of 45Hz - 50kHz (32Hz low-frequency response at -10dB)

worth considering imo
JBL specs the bass in an anechoic chamber so their specs are so different than typical high end audio exaggeration.

I have measured flat to 35 hz in a gigantic room of 50,000 square feet!!! A generous sized listening room of 14 x 24 x 10 is 3,360 cubic feet. In a normal/large living room I have seen them go flat to 22 hz. They are very serious in the bottom end. The 67000 goes to 33 hz flat in my giant room.

I've heard the Kingdom Royals in several rooms, I like the Canterbury and Westminsters better.

I would go for good tubes on the Everests if you get those. 100+ watts would control the woofers well. Remember, those are 2 15 inchers per side!

The right lower powered amp would work too, but it is unpredictable which lower powered tube amps will make the woofers go and which won't. Specs don't tell.

Just my 2 cents, but if your thinking of spending this kind of money for this kind of speaker you really should take a look at Classic Audio's T1 or T3. For the price of the JBL you could have the T 1.4 with all field coil drivers (big difference) or the T 3.4 for less. I've heard them several times with Atma-sphere amps and they are spectacular especially with the addition of the field coil drivers. They also make JBL Hartsfield reproductions.
In fact, I believe you could hear them at RMAF this weekend if you wanted to.

Do you think that my current Rogue Apollos will be a good match for the 67000's?

Franks puts a VERY interesting idea on the table!! At least for my liking:)
I heard some big Classic Audio speakers at an audio show driven by Atmasphere amps and did not like them. The sound of the horn was too colored...

I have listened to big Klipsch speakers and did not like them either

just not a horn guy I guess

Cool Kiddman, thanks for the info on those. However, I prefer solid state and I would say at least 60 Wpc into 8 Ohms.
Franks, I have not had Classics in my place so cannot comment in an educated way. I know, that is against audiophile policy to not be SURE of something even if one has not had it in one's home! For sure they can sound great. I have heard that. To be truthful, at these price ranges I start projecting forward about getting service or drivers 5 or 10 years down the road and felt more confident in JBL, no knock on Classic, I'm just acting on my high end industry experience where I've seen boutique companies come and go (mostly "go" it seems).
Leog 2010, again, against typical audiophile policy, I cannot project on a combination I have not heard. There is not a much more unpredictable audio phenomenon than speaker / amp matchups. The 67000 is easier to drive (despite same efficiency / sensitivity) than 66000. At somewhat high sensitivity lots of amps can make them go nicely. Getting the last 10 hertz out of them requires an amp that is happy driving that bass.

But, at 250 watts you would sure think the Apollo would run the heck out of the 67000. I'll say this, the 67000 are so sweet and natural with good tubes, despite massive resolution and extension up top, that they are addictive.
Kiddman, thank you very much for your comments. BTW, my Apollos are an upgraded version with too many tweaks (you can review them in my virtual system). Thanks again.
Leog, where are you located? You oculd bring your amps to my place.
I'm in Ecuador...
Hi Leog, I am in USA. Oh well.....
Anyone heard the Evolution Acoustics MM2 or MM3?