Tannoy Monitor Gold series power input

The vintage Gold and Red series were products from ages ago. Their max suggested input power in walt (W) stated in their specification is quite low compared with the modern standard, usually around 20 - 40W. I have a Aragon Power amp with output power of 100W / channel. Does it mean that I cannot hook up the Gold series to my Aragon power amp? What would happen if I do? Will I burn the speakers?

When I got my current custom 12" HPD's up and running, the only amp I had at the time was an Aragon 3002, @300 Wpc.

The thing about the Dual Concentrics, is that they were designed as studio monitors and sound reinforcement. They are robust, and can take a great deal of punishment.

My 300 watt Aragon sounded great with them, and my ears would give up long before the drivers would. Quit worrying, just buy them and enjoy them.

My favorite amp is now a 9 Wpc SET 300b amp, so amp flexibility is a great benefit of Tannoy DC's.

Better to have too much power than too little. An amp over- driven into clipping is a speaker killer.
The Tannoys are high efficiency drivers so they will get loud with little power. Just don't play them crazy loud and your amp will not hurt the speakers. Relax, play music.