Tannoy Little Red Monitor bi-amping

I'd like to have LRM bi-amp via active crossover and two power amplifiers. I have seen someone's experience about that in this forum ,his ID was golix, but it's lack of information for me. first of all can I connect speaker wires to LRM's binding post without soldering reform like some linn speaker? In case of passive bi-amping that's ok! I think. But active is how to? Please let me know!
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To answer your immediate question: NO, you can't even bi-wire them.
This is because the second set of binding posts is not actually connected to anything internally. When LRMs were new they came with a set of leads to bypass the crossover if you were using Tannoys own line-level XO5000 crossover which is why the second set exists.
The XO5000 was also used for the other SuperRed Monitors and needs plug in cards to adjust it for a specific model. The XO5000 itself is extremely rare and I have NEVER come across LRM cards.

For more details on how to activate your LRMs email me but be warned!
It can be fairly complex if, like me, you insist on an analog xover but it's quite easy with a good digital one.