Tannoy Legacy Series Speakers

Has anyone had the opportunity to audition these new Tannoy speakers? According to their advertising blurb, they are based on their 1970's speakers and are manufactured in Scotland. Three models - Eaton ($5500 pair), Cheviot ($6400 pair) and Arden ($8000 pair).
I'm thinking they will very good. The retro styling may not be a good fit for some.

Very cool looking love the retro look and I bet they sound fantastic! Have lusted after Tannoy Prestige speakers for years but too pricey for me plus too small a room.
Still waiting to get a chance to audition some good home audio Tannoys. Legacy or latest and greatest. Not easy to find in the US though they can be readily had online. Would like to see at Capital Audiofest. That would help persuade me to go again this year. 

Tekton will be showing something there.   Maybe the chance to actually hear what all the buzz is about will put me over.
Will be at Cap Audiofest too probably just Sunday and certainly will check Tekton out to hear for myself. And agreed mapman you don't see many dealers with big Tannoys setup.
As I am using the drivers from a ca 1975 Cheviot, HPD 315's, which are incredibly fine sounding, +1 on thinking they will sound great.