Tannoy Legacy Ardens - which amp suggestions for 15 big ass babies

Source streamer LINN Klimax Renew DS and turntable rega RP8

This is more of a what if?? Just got new speakers and wouldn’t change amp for a few months ...... I’m using my existing Croft 25r pre into ATC P1 power amp at the moment - I cant hear anything wrong but there’s always that niggle maybe something else will bring something more out. The ATC P1 is class ab at 150w but speakers are 93db so no lack of power. I tried my
leben 300xs with its 15w in for a evening but only sounded as good if sparse vocal type music - anything more complicated saw much better retrieval and detail and musicality from croft / ATC combo. Deep bass brilliantly controlled where the Leben went farty (sorry for description) 
so wodnering if there is alternative that people use with fat ass tannoys. Seen some mention Luxman class a like the 590 others Tron amps or icon audio. Would prefer European or British as better value for money here .....

music listened to varied lots of singer songwriter folk country pop rock - little heavy rock and hardly any classical

thanks for your thoughts rich
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(1) In your current setup, I would consider swapping in a matched series model CROFT power amp mated to the current CROFT pre-amp. I auditioned them both mated to LIVING VOICE AVATARS.... lovely!

Imprtant note re: test audition

the dealer did a swap-in / swap-out demo of alternate cables ....the top of the line LFDs (full array ....ICs and speaker and power) were best of breed. (The power remained constant , but the various ICs and speaker cable array were the variables) The opinion among the three of uses was unanimous ..... the LFD cable array took the CROFT/LV setup to a higher level. System synergy matters.


Its my understanding that TANNOYS are internally wired with quality build VAN DEN HUL speaker cable (the actual model escapes me for the moment ) TANNOY used to offer their own speaker cable that was simply rebranded existing VDH . It’s worth a spin to see if that cable bake-off exercise option is a step-up viable option.


Thanks for response - I’m actually running VdH 352 cables at moment and a croft 7r is tempting .... might have to see if I can get one on demo. 

Will wait for break in and then do some interconnect swapping to see what changes happen ..... 

I've heard the opinion the Ardens can use additional internal bracing and dampening. There is Hans Hilberink's Tannoy site, and Hans' Yahoo Tannoy forum (Hans being the moderator), a tremendous amount of information available from either one. You can post questions, and get answers from Tannoy owners all over the globe.

With my custom Tannoys (HPD 315's, ca 1975 12" DC drivers, that have upgraded "Hard Edge" surrounds, custom crossovers and internal wiring). I've used quite a few amplifiers, with good to great effect, solid state to start out with, then tube amps. At this time, I'm using a Class D Audio (two modules bridged, outputting 500 Wpc), for everyday listening, and an SET 300B for vinyl listening. Both have their advantages, the SET sounding gorgeous, the Class D makes them sit up and pay attention. They sound great with both.

Good luck, and enjoy your Ardens,
Hey Rich

RE TANNOY Prestige Reference Speaker cables

the TOP TANNOY rebranded VAN DEN HUL cables are apparently the Van den Hul 'The Inspiration’ cable models