Tannoy-JBL question..

What would the Tannoy Monitor Gold 12"s have over lets say a JBL L-112...i know the fact that the Tannoy may have an inherent advantage somewhere due to its concentric design...Also considering that the JBL's are probably 1/3 to 1/4th the cost....
I own two other Tannoy lines (not the Monitor Gold), one for HT and the other for analog stereo listening. I have owned JBLs (numerous different levels) in the past. These two Mfgr's don't compare. Tannoy is an small, old UK speaker maker, JBL is part of the Harmon International empire. JBL is geared for consumer electronics (mass quantities, hence the lower price) and Tannoy has a much higher build quality and is geared more toward speciality speaker applications. Cost/performance seems to be a concern for you and only your ears can determine worth. In both of my systems, Tannoys seem to match up well with American amplifcation and UK sources. Just my experiences.
Mt, i am talking about vintage JBL's from the late 70s early 80's,,,not the current stuff.

Its well known that Tannoy drivers were great when the vintage Golds came out, but the cabinets sucked.
You're still talking about very different speaker building philosophies. Also whenever vintage speakers are considered, the aging of the surrounds must also be considered. It's difficult to compare them. Much of what I said before is still applicable.
Tannoy has a very dedicated almost purist following while JBL is geared to the mass-market. This is not to say that you will prefer Tannoy in a 'face-to-face' comparison. It is just that Tannoy has very loyal following. Kef speakers can compete.

Also, if you go to the bluebook you will find that Tannoy keeps value better than JBL.
I understand, but u guys are missing the point...I know the value differences in $$, and regarding surrounds, I am obviously looking at speakers whose surrounds are in good shape.

Cult following or not doesnt necessarily make the sound...Old JBL's also have a cult following...It seems to me that for sale, there are as many vintage Tannoys as vintage JBL's.
Jsujo, Off the topic, looking at your system setup, I would have kept the EV 12TRXBs and replace the MC40 with something better like 300B SET amps or even some more suitable EL84 Push pull amps. The MC40s seems to be bottom heavy to me. As far as preamp goes, I prefer the SP-11 MKII over the TF-10s.
The sound of the EV 12TRXBs can be still improve with better cabinet. They sound great with transmission line cabinets like the Tannoy retangular GRF.

As far as Tannoy gold 12" goes, it sounded quite thick and dark to me. A super tweeter with right crossover would help. Works well only with SETs and not very clean sounding with Push Pull amps.

As far as JBL goes, I like the 075 + 375 with D130 bass driver. Again, they sound better with lower power amps. We tried with active cross-over. It sounded okay but we prefer the passive with single amplification.
the L112's would be the way to go if they are in nice condition. the tannoys are not as friendly with pop and rock music.
S23Chang..your right on the money with the McIntosh MC40's, thats why I sold them awhile ago. Regarding the EV's, I do have some vintage Ainico McIntosh supertweeters coming to me(a friend built some special stands for them) to go on top of the EV's.. I also agree about the cabs (just havent found anyone to make them) I do have a pair of TL's that were designed for Lambda Acoustic subs, maybe i will try the EV's in them...

I now use only the Berning EA-230 triodes, which I absolutely love, and I havent listened to the AR preamp you mentioned, but the amp-preamp setup is working very well as it is.

maybe I will invest in some cabs for the EV's,,
Off the topic, here are some ideas for your EV 12TRXBs



I use them in the transmission line cab.