Tannoy Gold Monitor 15"?

There's a minty pair for sale near me, and I'm tempted to go for an audition. Can anyone recommend these? Anything to look or listen for? They have original xovers, but I don't know if those are usually modernized or what...

Any opinions welcomed.
I would recommend them. The bigger the cabinets, the better they usually sound. If they are in Lancaster cabs they will be capable of better bass with bigger cabs. Let us know.
The cabs are original and large: roughly 40x28x16.

Will be trying tonged an audition this week.
Tannoy has always had a cult following for their big horn speakers. The GRF autographs with the golds are the mac daddy's. The only thing about the Tannoys I cant seem to get past is the "honk" in the midgange when you push them.

Take a few strong female vocal disc's with you for the audition to see how the golds perform and if you really like what you are hearing.

15" Golds in great condition go for top dollar regardless of what cabinet they are in. Dont buy any vintage golds that may need surround repair or have rubbing issues. They are not cheap to repair and you need to be skilled at repairing them.

If these are beautiful examples at a good price buy them listen to them for a while and if you lose interest you can alway re-sell them without loosing any money.
by Apachef1