Tannoy Eyris DC3 vs. Monitor Audio Gold Ref 20

My home theater equipment dealer is pushing Tannoy Eyris DC3's but he doesn't have any on hand to audition. Does anyone have experience with these speakers. My alternative is Monitor Audio Gold Ref 20's.
I have never listened to the Tannoy, but the GR20's are hard to beat at that price range. Very good for music too. I have a pair myself and a pair of the S8 which are also a fantastic speaker for a little less cash. I would not hesitate to snatch a pair of either the GR20 or S8. If HT is your only use then I would probably go with the S8 but if you want both HT and music then the GR20s. Always remember to pair them up with a good AVR and good cables. Good luck!
I did an in house demo of the GR20s, and listened a lot to the DC3s at a dealer. They are close, but I preferred the GR20s and I have owned Tannoy for a few years. I did end up going with Von Schweikert, which you should consider if possible.