Tannoy eyris 3 or focal cobalt 816s.. whats good ?

i'm looking to buy Tannoy eyris 3 or focal cobalt 816s.. Please Tell me your opinion ? whats good for listen to classical , jazz and acoustic music?
As much as I am a huge Tannoy fan, the one thing that concerns me is the amount of toe-in they required. The center line of the speaker should cross just in front of the listening position.

In a small room that could limit their effectiveness. Large rooms - no problem!

If you listen ot Jazz - you'd love the Tannoys - creamy smooth

Focal are very good, but I get the impression you are paying more for their finish than their abilities.

Another speaker I am a big fan of is Pro-Ac. Check out their models

My current speakers that I love are Gershman Acoustics - but they can be a little difficult to get - depends on your location, but their higher end models look very cool and they all sound excellent. 

The tannoy eyris 3 isn't even close in sound compared to any of the heritage tannoy's,very bright and forward in their musical presentation and their metal dome super tweeter is very harsh.

If you can listen to them before purchase I would recommend.

I have'nt heard the 816's so I can't comment on them.

Best of luck to you,

I would also suggest Tannoy, but agree that older is better, especially if you aren't getting speakers in the Prestige line. I used 12" Tannoy MG's (Monitor Golds), back in the seventies in a 10x50 mobile home, and they sounded great. I still use 12" Tannoy drivers (in custom cabinets, in a 16' X 34' room w/cathedral ceiling).

See what you can find in the used market for Tannoys, or at least try to listen to some. Any music sounds good on them.

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I used to own Eyris DC 3 and really liked them a lot. Perhaps much better than the plain Eyris 3, which didn’t get good marks from kdude66? But typically, you go Tannoy for their Dual-Concentric driver.

Also a huge Tannoy fan here, and a lot of us don’t really have them toed-in quite so much that they cross in front of the listening spot -- yes the manuals do recommend this, but that’s weird for most audiophile 2ch listening setups (possibly good for hitting larger listening areas in large rooms). I do like my Tannoys toed in a good bit, though.

Though I love Tannoy, be wary that their voicing is all over the map across models -- sometimes within the same line. I’ve heard one model sound like mud (Definition 10T) and the next (Definition 10A) have an absolutely searing top end. Eyris DC 3 were one of the nicely balanced ones, though (and old Dimension TD10 too, now that I think of it). My current Canterbury SE are definitely on the warm side, until you stick supertweets on top. 
Anybody knows Tannoy eyris 3 vs eyres DC 3 How much difference is there between Sound Quality &
What is the difference in sound quality between this two?
My speakers are Tannoy 215 DMT II which are the poor man's Westminster Royal. I have them on custom stands from Sound Anchor. The toe-in is such that the tweeters cross just behind me at the listening position. That's what Peter Lanzilotta recommended and it works great for me.