Tannoy Differences

As someone who has limited access to Tannoy, but enjoyed their sound, just wondering if anyone can provide any insight. I am considering the DC8T, Turnberry, and possibly Kensington (most likely too much money). I am running Pass Labs XA60.5 monos.
Hi I have owned several Tannoys and currently have 2 pairs of Vintage Monitor Gold 15's and a pair of 10" Monitor Golds.
The best Tannoys are those with paper drivers ( quicker ), alnico magnets ( more detail ) and hard edge surrounds. I would never buy a pair of Tannoys that dont have paper drivers.
From your list I would recommend the Turnberry's or Kensington's. The Kensingtons have the Alnico magnets, the Turnberry's dont and give up a little detail. I have also heard the smaller Stirling's blow away a pair of Triangle Magellan Reference speakers in speed, timing, ease of presentation, musicality and accuracy of timbre, so dont discount these either.
The Glenair's are another option as well.
FWIW, I own the Turnberrys. Like 'em very much. The midrange is great, and so is the overall presentation.

IMO, a very good choice for classical, jazz, and easier going stuff. I like a warmer type presentation and these are delivering just that in conjunction w/ my Conrad Johnson tubed equipment.

I've thought about the moving up to the Kensington's because of all the good I've heard about them. But, as you said, big $'s. And anyway,as I have said, the Turnberrys do a great job.

BTW, I just love the look of Tannoy's prestige line.

Good luck with your shopping!
Those three models have doped-paper cones, which sound much better than Tannoys with plastic cones. What are the room dimensions?
Thanks folks....tough decision. Room dimensions The room is about 12x20....although they could be in a different room next year
I'd get the Turnberry -- less expensive than Kensington, and larger than the DC8T. But the DC8T is the best looking of the lot, IMHO. Bottom line: you can't go wrong with any of these choices. Tannoy is the El Primo speaker company in the world, IME.
I'm leaning towards the Turnberry, mostly because the Pass XA60.5 only puts out 60 watts into 8 ohm speakers, which might not be enough for the Kensington (and double the price). I also have a feeling the DC (Definition series) are made in china, but I'm only speculating.
Definition line is still made the UK.

The DC8t's are great speakers, but so are the Turnberrys. Tough call really, but if you don't mind the slightly higher cost, then I would go for the Turnberrys.

***Tannoy dealer disclaimer***
All I can say is that I love my Turnberrys and would only sell them to go the Kensington or above in the Prestige line, but I certainly don't feel any urgent need to do so. I think your XA60.5 would do fine with the Kensingtons, though. Although I didn't use it with these speakers I have owned the XA30.5 and did use the similarly powered Luxman M600A with them. Plenty of power. My room is 17x15 with a cathedral ceiling.
The Glenair (10 and 15) sounds more natural -- and a bit more resolving -- than the DC8T. I imagine the Turnberry would be similar to the Glenair 10. All are very nice speakers for the money. The DC8T has a lot of power available down low, and is a fun listen.

The Kensington SE and Yorkminster SE, with their pepperpot tweeter & alnico magnets, are both significantly more detailed than the Glenairs. The Yorkminster is significantly more efficient and notably more extended (in bass) than the Kensington. The Kensington is at least the equal of the Yorkminster in midrange & treble, and (IMO) much better looking. At 93dB/Watts for the Kensington/Turnberry, you're just on the cusp of high efficiency -- 95dB is where it really starts.
Not sure how much stok to put into these numbers, but from Tannoy they suggest:
Kensington 50-225 watts
Turnberry 30-180 watts
Glenair 10 50-200watts

I would think with only having 60 watts, the Turnberry are my only choice.
Gwng8, the Pass 60.5 should drive any of those speakers easily unless you listen at exceptionally loud levels in a large room. Typically a pure class A amplifier of 60 watts would be the equivalent of a 200 watt power amp. Of those recommended I would buy the Turnberry or if funds permit the Kensington which has the alnico magnets and is more resolving.
I'd like to fit the Kensingtons into my budget.....