Tannoy Definition Subwoofer

Hello, Audiogon!
I am potentially interested in Tannoy Definition Subwoofer, the one that is currently on sale @ Upscale, link below.  Can any actual owners comment on performance and how well it complements main speakers?  It would be used in a 2 channel application supplementing modified Magnepan MG-12s.  Room is about 25x15, 8 ft. ceilings, placement is flexible, there are already some acoustic treatments in place.  Not interested in HT application at all, two channel bass extension only.  Huge thanks in advance!
It is a great design. The only significant defect is lack of a high pass filter for your MGs which seriously important especially for those speakers.
Ideally you need at least two subs for that space. But if that price holds
two would cost less the one retail. The big question is why so cheap. Something is wrong and you have to find out what it is. Are they rebuilds? Scratch and dent maybe. Something.
No specifications available so you don’t know how low it will play, and you don’t know how much X max the driver has available, So it may just be a woofer not an actual subwoofer which will play down below 20 Hz which is what the word sub means
For a speaker as quick in transients and dynamics, I suggest one of the Zu subwoofers over the, the Undertone being closest in price to Upscale's blowout price. Zu's subwoofers are the only subs I've heard (including the Tannoy) quick enough to seamlessly match up to fast-transients, responsive speakers like Magnepan, Zu, Quad ESL, and similar.

Just a closeout price, not scratch & dent. Kevin bought them all, every unit the distributor had remaining, hence the bargain price. According to Kevin's video, it DOES have adjustable high-pass filter. Also, goes down to 15-19Hz, depending on room. Crossover can be set from 31Hz to 125. I have not auditioned with Zu or others, so can't comment on speed or matchup with such as Maggies. But you would have to think they match transient response with anything resembling full-range Tannoys. Plus there is a continuous phase adjustment dial that allows fine-tuning. Think I will grab one myself, two if necessary. FWIW.  

No real specifications listed. I'm suspicious and would not purchase them. Look at Martin Logan BalancedForce subs.

So I bought them and sure enough they have issues. I have received 3 so far and 2 of them have had a persistent hum. I’m still waiting to hear back from Upscale on yet another replacement. You might wonder why I’m not giving up on them; well outside of the hum, they perform really well and integrate really well both sonically and visually with my Fyne Audio F704. Being that Tannoy and Fyne have a lot in common, the walnut finish on the subs exactly match the finish on my speakers.

Once you adjust the equalizer they completely disappear and blend perfectly with the speakers. Also, they are the best looking subs I am aware of for under $5K. I had a local dealer listen to them and tune them for my room, and he thought they performed very well outside of the hum. Dealer did mention he thinks you can get similar performance from SVS subs but you will be stuck with an ugly black box.

Back to the issues, I don’t think I’m the only having these problems because Upscale have pulled the subs from their website. Anyway, the hum is not so bad that the subs are unusable but I’m hoping the next replacement will be issue free.




















No hum in mine. The dual opposite firing cones effectively equal 2 subs. A true steal at the price, and the best option for my particular room. Undoubtedly sold out by now, at least at Upscale.