Tannoy D700 vs. McIntosh XR250

Hello members of AudiogoN. I am new here and am looking for some help choosing between Tannoy D700 and McIntosh XR250 speakers. I recently met someone that has both of these and I was thinking about buying a pair off of him. If you have any experience with ether of these I would appreciate some feedback.

I have never liked the Mac speakers, but my experience comes from their late '70s offerings. Tannoys have always been well-regarded and are generally more efficient...

Can you audition at least one of them? I bought Tannoys on reputation alone and got a real fizzled transitional dud of a speaker that I wouldn't evem try to pass on to someone else. Otherwise I agree with RW about the Macs, they were thick and slow sounding the last I heard them but don't know the XR250 specifically.
I would avoid the Macs
Thanks for the responses guys. Mechans, what Tannoy's did you have? I am thinking I can pick either one of these up for about $1000, would that be worth it? I am under the impression that the technology has greatly improved in the last 20 years and my money might be better spent on a more modern set. For example, there is a set of dynaudio Contour 2.8s for sale in my area for $1800. Would something along those lines be a better investment? Is there something else that you guys would recommend? Also, you should know that I will be using my McIntosh C28 and MC 2505 as my preamp and amp.

Thanks for you help.
Please excuse the grammar, I was on my phone and in a rush.
That's something I own a Mac 2505 one of their lesser known amps. I always found it to be on the warm side and McIntosh speakers have a reputation for warmth at least the older ones do. That amp BTW works really well with my vintage Klipsch. I would go for something much more recent.
I have blocked the name Tannoy model name out of mind ?DMT series 2000s??? and they are in "storage". Anyway they were just dreadful among the least detailed speakers I have been subjected to. I should have sent them right back at my own expense and taken a loos on them. They were less than $1000.
If you like your music to sound detailed with excellent 3D effects there are always JM Lab Focals (The 1026 floor stander) on sale at Audio Adviser. The floor stander and even the monitor are more than $2K but I would save up the money to get them. If you can buy VR2s by Von Scheickert they are really nice and more forgiving than the Focals. The Dynaudio might work. But I hear often enough, that they want power and are a difficult load.
I would say absolutely go for the Tannoy. That series of speakers, including the D900 and a smaller one I think, have been universally praised for great sound, and build quality. They have also retained value. And I am saying this as a longtime McIntosh fan/user.