Tannoy cheviot vs Arden what should I expect from each?

Wondering if anyone has either of these speakers, as Im itching to put down my own Jack (as Kevin Deal says), on a pair of these?
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Where are you located? Dealers exist. I have auditioned the Cheviot.
I believe the Arden is the model a notch up the line and comes with a 15"
speaker. Cheviot is 12" as I recall and about $2k cheaper.

If you listen loud and the room is not big you might be better suited
to the Chevies. If you have decent sized space and do not crank it up
often, the Arden should be the pick.

Good lucK!!
I've always been curious about these same two Tannoy's and hopefully can hear them in New England some day.  I considered buying a pair but despite the 15  and 12 inch woofer they only go to 35 and 38hz. Some people say you won't miss the bass but what they really should say is they don't miss the bass. If I had these with dual subs I'd have a setup the size a compact car in my room.
Please follow up if you get them!
I've owned the Legacy Arden for a couple of years now. Don't let the frequency response specs fool you.
I've always had a hard time obtaining realistic bass in my room and have had 6 pairs of speakers in there. The Ardens are the fist pair to bring the proper  bass and mid bass weight that allowed me to sell off a pair of 15" sealed subwoofers and sub EQ. They offer a weighty sound, and are a little on the "dark" side so pairing with more lively electronics/amps is helpful.

While they are easily tuned through port plugs and high frequency adjustments, keep in mind the Cheviot and Arden are very much a point source speaker. There is a defined sweet spot depending on room placement, so they're not the best speaker for filling the whole house with sound.

My speakers now are custom 12" HPDs from 1975 Cheviots, in 150 liter bass-reflex enclosures that are 1 7/8" MDF and weigh 192 lbs. each.

These speakers provide superb performance in my large room, with very adequate bass response in my 16' X 34' with cathedral ceilings room. I write this to let you know what the 12" drivers can do.

So, don't give up on the 12" Dual Concentrics. Maybe try to find a used set of 12" Prestige Line speakers, they could make you very happy..

I hear the new Cheviots are good sounding, but in a better cabinet situation, they may provide you with the bass response you are looking for.

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Thanks everyone for your input, ultimately I will go to Upscale and audition both speakers, I just wanted to hear what current or past ears have heard and opinions, I will add my input when I have auditioned both pairs