Tannoy Canterbury GR Placement in a 23' x 34' room with 12.5' ceiling

Just ordered a pair of Canterbury GRs for a dedicated listening room.  Any recommendations on whether I should start off with them on the long wall or the short wall? I have read that they like to be FAR from the side walls.  I'll be driving them with a pair of Pass Labs XA 60.5 monoblocks.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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Though I've never owned, or heard for that matter, Canterbury's, I have a custom built pair of 12" Tannoy HPD's in 150 liter bass reflex enclosures, using nearly 200lbs. of MDF per side.

My room is 16'.5" W X 34' L w/cathedral ceilings. My speakers are well out into the listening room, and 4'6" from sidewalls, they fill this room beautifully with a 9 Wpc SET 300B, a 25 Wpc  SET 845, or 500 Wpc class d amp. 

I have no doubt that you should fall permanently in love with the Canterbury GR's/

Congratulations on your purchase, no doubt you will love them. 

My room measure, 15’D x 30’W x 8’H. I have my Canterbury’s placed on the long wall, 3.5’F away from back wall and 7’F from side walls. 

I get pin point imaging and vocals are dead center. They are currently powered by Pure Class A 30W SET amps. I am working on custom made 300B mono’s (8W) per ch and they should be here in couple of months. 

I’ve recently auditioned a 300B stereo amp from Aric’s audio and it was the most musical and emotionally engaging sound I ever experienced from my Canterbury GR’s. 
That is a generously sized room. I'd put them about 6'8" out into the room on the short wall, eight or nine feet apart. Sit about eight or nine feet away from the center point between the two speakers. Toe them in so that the tweeters cross just behind your head in the listening chair.

This set-up will give your Canterbury's plenty of breathing room. Allow the speakers plenty of time for break-in if they are brand new. They don't sound good at first. But they will take your breath away in short order.

keith, pick up a copy of Jim Smith's book, "Get Better Sound".  Not only is that instructive for placing any loudspeaker, Jim personally owns Canterburys now.
I want to thank everyone for their input!  Long wall, short wall, hard to tell where to start.  I ordered the book "Get better sound" and will just have to experiment.  I think I will order some casters for the canterburys so as to make them a little easier to move around until I can narrow down placement.  At least this will make quick worker of where NOT to place them!