Tannoy Canterberry Models


In the Tannoy Prestige lineup, is there more than 1 model of the Canterberry speaker? If so, what is the difference between these models? Any information is appreciated.
In the US, there is currently one model Canterbury SE. I am pretty sure that the same goes for the rest of the world (but not 100%).
On the website audiocircuit.com, there is a lengthy history of Tannoy models. The Canterbury 15 and 12 are mentioned,
but now as you and Goldprintaudio mentioned there is only the one. I am a recent purchaser of them and they are truly amazing for pulling you into the music! Good Listening to you.
What tends to differentiate the models in the prestige line is driver size, alnico magnets and the pepperpot waveguide, not to mention bigger, more elaborate cabinets. These features show up in the higher end models of the line. There's lots of info on the Tannoy web site that provides great detail.
Disclosure: I retail Tannoy Prestige speakers and demo the Canterbury model, Departure Audio.