Tannoy at T.H.E. Show Newport

I went to "THE" show in Newport hoping to hear some speakers I have never heard, and I was not disappointed. For the first time I heard Rockports and Vivid, both fantastic, as well as YG Acoustics and some others. But I really wanted to hear some Tannoy Prestige, and sought out the Tannoy room hoping they would have some. But no, they had some 'typical' home friendly smallish towers. Since I had no experience with Tannoy either way I figured I would give them a listen. They were the Revolution model (I believe the largest of the series with 8 inch drivers). I was very impressed with them overall, they sounded very good. I was more impressed when they told me they were only about $2500 for a pair. I figured on the looks and sound they were at least twice that. Anyone have any more extensive experience with these that can elaborate on them? I still want to hear the Prestige series some day but these definitely piqued my interest. Thanks.
From your description the speakers that you heard are the Tannoy XT-8F loudspeakers ($2600), which are part of their new Revolution XT line. They had a previous Revolution line which is not at all similar, without a concentric driver. The same model also received favorable reports from a recent showing at AXPONA, where some reviewers also commented on their high perceived value as you did.
Even a basic $5k prestige series Tannoy Sterling GR blows the heck out of many $30k speakers for dynamics, tonality and sheer coherence. Listen to them some day.
You got that right Pani, IMO the Sterling is the cheapest
speaker a reasonable classical music lover could be totally satisfied with forever.
I find it terrific for Rock and Jazz too :-)
The Prestige series are something special...if I didn't get such a good deal on my JBLs, I would have went with something like Canterburys.