Tannoy Arden - any comment?

I bumped into a pair of Tannoy Arden 15" drivers on Yahoo Auction. The edges of the Ardens on Yahoo have been rewrapped with non-original material by the seller.

Would be grateful if someone could tell me how they sound. I listen to vocals, pop music, orchestra most of the time. How much are they worth the most these days, given their age?



My gears:

CD player: Kenwood K-711

Pre amp: Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid

power amp: Aragon 4004 MKII

Speakers: KEF C30

interconnects: Audioquest King Cobra

Speaker cables: Audioquest FLX/SLIP 14.4
I'm not sure what you mean by the "edges have been rewrapped", but if you can get the Ardens for a good price, I advise you to buy them.

Tannoys are good for all types of music, and a broad range of amplifiers.

Good luck,

To Dan:
Hi, Thank you for reply.
"edges have been rewrapped" I mean the edges have been refoamed. Due to age, the edges of the speakers were broken so the edges need to be reconstructed.
I understand, you mean the foam surrounds have been replaced, meaning the drivers are 15" HPD's. A common occurance with them. I had mine converted to hard edge surrounds, as in the current Prestige line, by purchasing new cones, and having the conversion done in England.

I hope, for your sake, you are able to get them, they are such good speakers. At one time, I powered mine with an Aragon 3002 (300 Wpc), and they sounded great together, so I expect your 4004 to be a good match as well.

My favorite amp now, is an SET 300B at 9 Wpc, which shows how versatile Tannoys can be. Let us know if you get them.

Good luck,
To Dan,

Thank you so much for your comments. I can see a lot of other models on Yahoo such as Stirling (TW, TWW, HE, SE), Greenwich, etc which are of the same price range, yet I can't find anywhere on the net telling us the difference between these models.

Do you know anywhere that tells us their differences in acoustic performance? I listen to pop, female vocals, orchestra most of the time.

All of my Tannoys have been DIY affairs, so I've heard only my own. I've read that Ardens can benefit from some additional internal bracing and damping materials.

Have you looked at the price of drivers and crossovers? Their prices have gone through the roof, and will most likely keep on going up. That's why I advise you not to wait too long, if you are going to jump into Tannoys.

In some respects, the drivers and crossovers are worth more than the Ardens as a whole.

You can Google Hans Hilberink's Tannoy site, for tons of information on most every Tannoy made (in the Dual Concentric domain).

TO Islandmandan:

the drivers and crossovers are worth more than the Ardens as a whole<---that's really interesting and a bit unbelievable!

The link is really useful.
Tannoy enclosures are pretty bad....they make speakers and their woodworking is not their strong point.
Stingreen you are right as far as the older ones go. Newer ones are state of the art speakers that sound better than most anything out there.
From a satisfied Yorkie owner.