Tannoy anyone? Cheviot Legacy vs. Stirling GR

Good Morning and happy holidays,

Having just spent a day over at my friend's new listening shack/man cave with my Leben driving his Tannoy Stirlings, I fell in love and am thinking I might just need a pair myself. So, I could use a little help deciding between the Stirling GR's and Cheviot Legacy's and am curious if any of you have experience with both and what you hear/feel is the difference between the two.

If it helps, I listen to a pretty wide variety - mostly singer songwriter, alt country, some classic rock and jazz. A little hiphop, no metal and very little classical.

Thanks in advance for your insights.




I own the Legacy Arden which is in the same line as the Cheviot.

Since you already love the sound of the stirling and its point source design, that seems like the safer bet. And you'll save around $500 in the process.

The Cheviot will likely net you more bass and a more traditional looking cabinet. With either choice, I'd suggest looking into ways to get the tweeter height at ear level. It makes a huge difference in mid to high range frequencies. I have my Arden's raised 8" using steel legs.

This review that briefly compares the legacy models to a Prestige model may be worth reading:  


Thanks for that @yakbob - interesting quick read. Actually seemed to point me towards the Cheviot as the writer enjoyed the legacy series Arden as more expansive over the almost twice as expensive GRF! Closer to wall is helpful in my case, but not a decision making requirement....

I get the more and impactful bass, I'm particularly curious around stage/image, details/vocal and high end/extension presentations/perceptions. And maybe versatility with different music genres..

Upscale Audio might be able to help with your selection. 

My Ardens are about 20" off the front wall and the sound is not negatively affected if i move them closer to the wall. However, the soundstage is really affected by toe in. The Tannoy recommendation of having the driver axis cross a few feet in front of the listening position is true in my experience. They sound best with cross eyed toe in. The sweet spot is fairly narrow, so the dual concentrics are not the best if you critically listen with more than a couple people.

Thanks, @russ69, I spoke with them last week and am looking for some real world experiences. They're pretty straightforward and helpful though and if you're lucky enough to get Kevin on the phone, pretty dam entertaining to boot.

Kevin never steered me wrong. His advice is spot on. I'm curious what Kev said, I'm thinking about some Tannoys myself. 

Although I'm using Tannoy Berkeley's I'd agree with the previous advice about getting them at the correct height, ie the tweeter at or near ear height.

I've seen photographs of when Tannoys were used at the Abbey Road studios. They had them placed upon what looked like wheeled tea trolleys that must have been 18-20 inches off the ground.

That would certainly make placement a lot easier, and I guess exact height wouldn't matter so much if you're listening from a distance over 10 feet away.

Correct height then! I haven’t had the chance to bend Kevin’s ear over this one yet, and I definitely agree that his advice is solid.

Have a friend with Tannoys (not sure which models). He has both bookshelf and floor standing models.  He's driving the floor standing ones with a McIntosh 252; nothing but good things to say about the sound he gets.  Very natural full spectrum and great sound stage.

I got him to get them farther away from walls and canted slightly towards the listening position.  Sounds even better!

I listened to the Cheviot and the Turnberry GR 2 months ago at Upscale Audio. It was a close contest as they both have the expansive, somewhat dry Tannoy presentation. There was a little more articulation and  sophistication with the Turnberrys. Cheviots won with the big bass moments hands down. But both seemed to have the same bass presence. 

Had to go with my gut and chose Turnberry GR. So my advice to you is to go with the Cheviot. The Stirling has a 10" driver but with smaller  voice coils and and with smaller HF driver.

Listen, you can't go wrong woth either...but based on my audition, the Cheviot was quite good compared to Turnberry. I imagine that the Stirling, with it's smaller box and driver coils will have less bass output than the Cheviot, which was, as I said earlier, near equal to the Turnberry is bass.

Not sure you will need to raise the Tannoys. They sound expansive and big enough that this may not be necessary. I get plenty of soundstage with them in a low lounge chair and the supplied feet.

They will need a good 40-60 hours to sound their best...so be patient.



I have Arden's, interesting point regarding lifting units up to ear level.

I have the toe in a lot less with no perceivable issues with imaging or soundstage. Might be because my room is only 10ft wide so they are fairly close to sidewalls and obviously only about 6 to 7ft between the tweeters, albeit they are 2ft off the front wall.

Tannoys are no longer made in Scotland. Music Tribe won't say where they are made now, but it's possibly in China. I would not be buying any new Tannoys, buy used ones made before the move from Scotland which was last year. 

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Thanks, @sandthemall, for your insight there. My initial search was for the Stirling and I got a little thrown off when some Cheviots appeared. After sitting with it for a while, my gut choice is towards the Cheviots. That said, I know I like the articulation AND the bass response along with my tendency to read and ask and gather info, them be impetuous over whatever comes available! So, @raysjazz, used (or nicely  discounted) has always been the way I've bought my gear. And Scotland made would be my preference for sure.

@alan60  My room is basically 14X14 with two opposite wall having large 8 foot openings - french doors on one end and a bay window on the other, so some room to move. That said, it's a common area room and hard to leave speaker, a chair or cough too far off the wall - but our kid is off to college and there's more room at the inn. 

Over Thanksgiving, my son had a few friends over to hang and it was both nice and fearful to hear low res digital hiphop blasting out of my system....eyerolls, laughter and the practice of letting go!

@budburma ​​​ I think you should try to listen to both before you decide, a 10" driver is not going to lack a lot of slam in comparison to a 12".

We can all have an opinion, but it is not our ears or our money.


There has been a lot of misinformation about Tannoy manufacturing.

What I know is that there is a commitment to build the Legacy speaker line in Scotland. 

Each pair of legacy speakers is made by one person, who personally signs each section of the included quality certificate. 



Yes that's true, but the factory in Scotland closed down last year. It is over, gone, finished. There is nothing being built in Scotland. Everything was auctioned off last year. The building owner is trying to relet it, if that does not happen there are plans to build houses on that site, subject to local council permission.

Most of the designers went to Fyne Audio, have a look at their range, they are now building Hi end speakers in Scotland, some cost £30k.

So where is the person who is signing off these speakers, located now?

Fyne speakers are worth a look. I am looking at the 703 & 704s.  

According to Kevin Deal, the US Tannoy distributor, a new factory will be located in England to continue building the Legacy line. Lower priced Tannoy stuff is built in Asia.

The Fyne stuff is interesting but honestly does not look anywhere near as kool as the Tannoy Legacy stuff. It's simply iconic. 



Kevin has said a lot of things that are not correct. Factory in England, never heard of that before, where is it and where have they been making the speakers for the last 14 months? 

Ex employees are saying there is nothing being built in the UK.

There was plans announced they would build a new factory in Scotland but that did not happen. 

"What I know is that there is a commitment to build the Legacy speaker line in Scotland. "

That all went soon after the Music Tribe group takeover, within a year they announced they were closing Coatbridge down but did a very last minute U-turn. They even told the staff they were redundant and were moving production to China.

Music Tribe have not been forthcoming about where these speakers are being produced.

Do you have any links to this factory in England story?

Maybe he is getting confused with some staff moving to Manchester?


Just been informed that the “Designed and manufactured in the UK”  has now been removed from the front panel, of the Legacy range, on recent speakers. 

Is there anyone who has bought speakers recently, can tell us if it still has “Designed and manufactured in the UK” on the front adjustment panel.

Mine are a couple years old at this time and they do have the UK crossover plate.

It's disappointing to hear if they are really moving production. I'm sure they'll reduce the MSRP in kind. /sarcasm.

They are not moving, they already moved last year. 

Just been corresponding with a guy who works in Coatbridge area, he is sitting next someone to at work, who worked at Tannoy, it closed last year. He drives passed the factory everyday. All the key workers now work at Fyne which is close by. 

I bought mine in October 2021. They were made in 2019 in the UK.

I believe current stock at Upscale is all from that shipment.

Nothing lasts forever. If you want made in UK, buy Tannoy asap.

Would be curious to know where Legacy products are going to be made. 


You might try asking on 'The Art of Sound' forum. Some Tannoy savvy guys there could probably assist.

I’m on my 2nd set of Tannoys from Upsacale audio. Currently Turnberry GR. It’s true: they take a good long time to break-in. I was not exactly thrilled with their sound out of the box. After about 6 months, they “came alive” and now, I love em’. They’re in a 15x19’ room, 8’ ceiling. The bass is good, but might have to do with them being powered by a SET amplifier. DEBRA sub array helps the bass, but the room has issues as well. The soundstage and imaging is fantastic. I spent a long time with speaker setup. Finally, I arrived at the same conclusion as above: apart with a good amount of toe-in is the ticket. 

I like Upscale. Cool people. They won’t steer you wrong. 

Tannoy or Music Tribe won't disclose where Tannoys have been made for the last 15 months, one user on the forum was just directed to Tannoy history, which tells you nothing since 2017. Many suspect production moved to China. Interesting that that dealers in the US have such old stock.  

How hard it figure out what going on with company? Do I need call friend in Parliament? He have linn system but maybe help. Nobody call guy in California that bring speaker to America? My guy task done for good bottle tequila.