Tango Recommendation

I am looking for recommendations for good tango recordings. Unfortunately, most highly rated tango recordings are from 1920-1950. I don’t want that. I want tango played in 90’s or later and are well recorded. Currently, I have three records:

A Passion for Tango Angel 1994 CDC554857
Tangos Among Friends Teldec 1996
Symphonic Tango, Teldec 1991

Could you recommend tango recordings better than those? I also have some Chinese/Taiwanese tango CD’s. They kept the rhythms, but left out spirit and passion. I really like Adios Muchachos' style, but I cannot enjoy the recordings, even digitally remastered. I like to hear tango in different styles. I’m thinking about choosing from

Tango Zero Hour
Latinismo Dance: Tango
El Magico Acordeon, Orfeon Label
Tango Bar, Chesky
Cafe Tango: Instrumental Tango Dreams

Please comment on these and also make your recommendations.
For an energetic performance with sonics that are hauntingly spectacular, I recommend Astor Piazzolla: Luna, on Hemisphere.
Piazzolla by Piazzolla where his son plays his music.
Daniel Binelli "Tango" on Black Sun if you can find.
Astor Piazzolla "Libertango" 2CD on Milan records.
Piazzolla and Gary Burton reunion on Concord jazz.
Dino Saluzzi(just do the research since I don't remember of the top of my head)
Tango Zero Hour is great in my opinion, one of the cd's i use as reference for testing new equipment. Really hard to go wrong with this one.

Also, Yo Yo Ma made a recording of Piazzolla's music that I think is quite good, but I like YYM and cello, and you may not.

I recommend Pablo Ziegler (a Piazolla student), "Asfalto" (Street Tango), and if you have a classical bone in your body, Daniel Barenboim, "Mi Buenos Aires Querido", plenty of passion there from a famous classical conductor who grew up with the tango. Charlie Byrd and Laurindo Almeida also have a short (33 minutes or so) LP/CD called simply "Tango" that has its points if you like two guitars, bass and percussion. (The earlier two recommendations have standard instruments including the bandoneon.)
Binaural, I've been looking for another good Piazzolla recording and this sounds like the one! Small ensemble, high recording quality, passionate performance - perfect. Thanks for the tip.
The original cast recording of Tango Argentino (Atlantic 7 81636-2) is hauntingly beautiful. It exudes drama and passion. The Tango Project I (Nonesuch 9 79057-2) and Two To Tango/The Tango Project II ( Nonesuch 79030-2) have current sonics and have the beat as it should be. These are truly beautiful to listen to.
Along with "Tango Zero Hour", I also recommrnd Pablo Ziegler's "Asfalto (Street Tango)".
I am not a fan of 'classic' tango, per se; however, I'm a huge fan of Piazolla and his 'new' tango. I highly reccommend the following disks, all excellent recordings:

Astor Piazolla on Nonesuch Records:
The Rough Dancer and the Cyclical Night
La Camorra
Tango Zero Hour
(studio recordings with his famed 'New Tango Quintet')

Sergio and Odair Assad Play Piazolla:Nonesuch
Eroica Trio:Passion:Angel Records
Dino Saluzzi & Rosamunde Quartet:Kultrum:ECM New Series
Kronos Quartet w/Astor Piazolla:Five Tango Sensations:Elektra Nonesuch

Gidon Kremer has made a number of wonderful Piazolla records, all on Nonesuch:
Astor Piazolla: The Tango
Maria de Bunos Aries
Tango Ballet
Tracing Astor
Hommage a Piazolla