Tandeberg 9000x Reel to Reel

Does any one know where I can get this beast serviced in the Bay Area without breaking the bank?Thanks in advance.
There are a few RtRs in the Bay Area. I found a lot for sale, most were Otari, Pioneer, Teac, Akai, Tascam, Revox, Sony.  The problem is the weight and the cost for shipping. Tandberg is not a real popular RtR, in the RtR community.  I've owned a few.

I'd take a military Roberts, over a Tandberg if I was going to ship one for repairs.. Unless you can find a local person, or you can do your own service, I'd recommend a different RtR all together..

A lot of the old guys that did do RtR have retired..They are heavy, RtR.
LOL the two don't go together.. Old and Heavy...

I looked towards Sacramento and found better results, the problem is wait times, 2-5 month to look then work and find parts.. They are all backed up.

Never seen it like this, repair shops are PACKED.. Telling me don't bring the box we charge extra.. I replied, if there is a scratch!!!! You'll think extra... Mac Dealers, Mind you...

Try calling Norman at Sertech Electronics in San Jose. I had my Tandberg TD 20A SE RtR  serviced there years ago. Not sure of he still taking in work but he's good.

Never had issues with my 4 TD20 As that I still own an use today. They're fragile compared to other RtRs of the time but when it comes to SQ it bettered 95% of consumer/prosumer decks.