Tandberg tuner owners......need your help

I love my 3001A tuner (and happily all the presets still work perfectly) my problem is the bulbs. As you who own this tuner know, the bulbs look like 'fuses' and I have yet to locate anyone who will sell replacements to me.

Can anyone help????? My tuner has 4 light bulbs and I'm now down to the last working bulb.

Thanks guys, for all your assistance!
If you go to audiokarma.org, there's a member named something like "Wajoba" who specializes in light bulbs for audio gear. Just search bulb threads or post your question there and I'm sure someone will direct you to him.
Great tuner. See if you can rewire it with LEDs if you can't get the bulbs. chances are Radio Shack either carries them or can order them, or check mouser, digikey, et al.

Already made contact but thought I would post anyway so other members would have the same info. I sell the 3001A/3011A lamps together with the internal NiMh memory battery on eBay, look for listings by packrat014. Also have lamp kits for the TR-series receivers.


Let me know if you are still in the market for the bulbs. Just picked up two sets and two sets of the battery for my two Tandberg tuners.