Tandberg sounds bright.

Just got a Tandberg 3026A 150X2 amp. After letting it run for 24 hours I gave it a critical listen and it just sounds forward and bright. I did have it worked on for a weak solder joint. One channel did drop out again but came back. Anyway, are Tandbergs all forward and bright or is this weak solder joint(and resistor replaced) causing this. I thought this was a very good amp. Comparing to a Bryston 4BSST. The reason I got the Tandberg is I could not afford one years ago and just wanted to own one now and see how it sounds. Any and all replies welcome about any aspects of Tandberg. Mike
It is a transistor amp....What do you expect?
It's a transitor amp is not a proper reply. Just like saying every tube amp sound's wonderful. This of course is not true there are bad tube designs and good transitor designs as well. I have a Classe DR-9 transitor amp that in many way's is just as musical as many good if not great tube amp's, it is a matter of choice. Tube amps do have an engaging bloom that does make them sound very musical. But some would call this a coloration.I for one love the sound of tube amps and many preamps but hate to be subjected to pricey tube's and checking the bias every week.
Sounds defective if channels are dropping out. Maybe you need to find a different repair shop.
Can't say about the 3026A, but the 3006A power amp is anything BUT bright. Its character is warm and slightly dark. I used this amp in my main system for about 15 years. The 3008A companion pre-amp is slightly bright, so the pair gives a pretty neutral overall sound. In comparison, the 3006A is somewhat darker than the Rowland Model 10 I currently use and quite a bit darker than an Aragon 4004mkII. Its sound is actually quite similar to a Cary V12 tube amp I had on loan, except the Cary had a looser bass. I currently use the 3006A as a subwoofer amp in my home theater where it does an excellent job.
I have been a Tandberg owner for many years of 3002A & 3008A preamps, 3006A, 3026A amplifiers and 3012A intergraded amplifiers, the speakers I use are Soliloquy 5.0 & 6.3. Personally I would describe the sound to be on the warm side, maybe it's the match with the speakers. The downside with the Tandberg equipment, it's starting to reach 20 + years of use and Tandberg doesn't have a authorized repair center anymore and I usually need to ship to a repair center like Soundsmith in NY, to have equipment fixed, my local repair shop are having a hard time finding parts. The shop may substitute with what they have available, this may contribute to the bright sound. Also I have experienced large number of Tandberg units are sold cheaply on E-bay have some kind of problem, noisy volume control on pre-amps or a pop when the amp is turned on. One shop in Seattle have several customers who bought units and have to fix some problem. Even though I love my Tandberg equipment, I'm starting to replace with newer components, I believe 20-25 years of enjoyment is good value for my investment.
Thanks for your input. I am sending it to another shop.
It's still a transistor amp...
Edle and Tomryan...Your playback equipment may be tubes, but think about how many transitorized circuits the signal went through before it got onto the CD or LP.
I can't help but notice that the 'people' who wrote: "it's a transistor amp" do not have their systems posted. I wonder why that would be??? Tubes are not inherently better than transistors. It will always be good design, and parts quality that makes a product good, not just tube v SS.

I have had both, and have no plans to return to tubes any time soon. To Edle, and Tom, do you have anything to offer to this discussion?
I have tube systems in my living room and bedroom. But I have a Tandberg 3002A preamp and 3006A power amp in the den/TV room. I really like the Tandberg sound--it is a little dark, but rich and involving, and the system does a great job with DVDs and LPs too--Tandberg's phono stage was always a strong suit. I bought these units on ebay just recently because I missed the Tandberg integrated I had 15 years ago. While I love tubes, it is also nice to have a fine solid state system around as well. I agree with Nrchy: "good design, and parts quality that makes a product good, not just tube v SS."
Blah, blah blah. I was just kinda kidding, guys! I have a transistor DAC and transport and have never even considered checking out a tube output design.

Design is everything, which includes parts quality, and Sim Audio and Rowland make damn good sounding gear. I just think it appears easier to make good sounding tube stuff than the other way around. I once heard a 20 wt Accuphase SS amp driving ProAc 2.5s that made great music but at the time a 20 wt 572 SET design did an even better job. On the other hand, I've heard tube designs with such inherent glare and etch they drove me from the room. Have also heard tube designs that were so soft and dark I couldn't hear any music. Hey, now that I think of it, I've heard the same two extremes with SS designs, too!
I sent off my 3026A to a qualified Tandberg repair shop that I have trusted and used before. They said it was one of the early models that was not upgraded. They are upgrading it now and should get it back in a week or two. I will let everyone know how it sounds. Mike
It sounds very smooth and detailed now. Not a hint of harshness. I have it for sale.
I had a Tandberg 3016a,  220w into 8 ohms...weighed about 70 pounds...played sweetly into my Dayton Wright XG10 MkII electrostats.  Absolutely NOT bright,,, but warm, musical and POWERFUL!!!