Tandberg Repair??

I'm looking for a Tandberg repair center. Tandberg stoped manufacturing stereo components several year ago, but there were repair centers in California and on the East Coast. I would appreciate any input, thanks.
A simple Google search using "Tandberg repair" netted 21,500 links. How about using a little ingenuity instead of posting a dumb question like this?

Try Analogique System Lab http://www.analogique.com

Call 212-989-4240 in NYC

He is a factory authorized service center for Tandberg.

HTH Dave
Please contact the following people for repair services:

1) The Sound Well in Berkeley, CA at http://www.thesoundwell.com/repair.html

2) True Sound at Campbell, CA. Phone # is 408-370-7578. Web address is http://www.tsound.com/
Rlwainwright if I remember correctly you once asked how to bi-wire a speaker and received polite responses, maybe you should do the same.
Amen, robert8409. Rlwainwright is way off base with his "helpful" response.