Tandberg and Nak decks and Dolby.

Is it just my view on this but dont the cassettes sound better with Dolby off??????? Dolby does alter the recording in some way. But if you have a high end deck is Dolby less of an issue???? Yes I know if you dont get the bias and alignment wrong you will not get a good recording. But I have done that. I think??? I used the manual directions for the Tandberg 3014 but got better results tuning by ear. Anyway do most of you use dolby and has anyone tried recording without it???? Mike
I have ALWAYS turned Dolby off. It compresses the music and I'd rather hear the hiss. Having said that, there are no "high end tape decks" anymore. It is obsolete. Digital recording has replaced it. You might as well be talking 8 track.
Try the Pioneer Elite Digital Cassette Deck.
I have it, and you can get a signal-to-noise ratio
of 82db. WITHOUT using Dolby. That`s what i use.
High 90's s/n on CDR without dolby. If your going to buy anythind, buy a cd recorder.