Tandberg 3015A cd player

Hi everyone
There is one of these units on e.bay at the moment which is faulty and by the sounds of the desciption a new laser would be in order, my question is how good is the sound of this tandberg and are lasers still available and i guess is it worth repairing if won at a reasonable bid , i used to have a stax quattro 2 cd player and traded it to upgrade my amps , iloved the sound and wish i could get another but there really hard to find in good condition , how would the tandberg rate to the stax , has anyone got any experience with the tandberg. cheers.
I used to own one of these in the late 80s. I really liked the sound--where others complained about the digital edginess of CDs, I found no such thing when using this player. It looks nice too. However, depending on its age, I recall that the 3015A is at best an 18-bit machine. Today there are more advanced CD players that can also give you an analogue-like sound without breaking the bank, like the Jolida for instance.
I owed one in the early 90's. Then I switched to a Phillips
LHH 1000, withy was way better. Then to a Conrad Johnson
Premier 9, which was way above the Phillips. Then to the
(logical conclusion?) one and the only Audio Aero Capitole
(better then the CJ, but not way better...). Still, to buy one of those Tandbergs in a defective condition, nowadays,
no matter how apealing the price, would be a mistake, IMNSHO.
It sounded edgy then (even a good one for its generation) and prone to break down, it would be anachronical to buy it now.Kindly try to refrain yourself, since IT IS NOT a deal.
thanks for the advice , i will stear well clear. cheers.