Tandberg 3004

Considering to purchase this model deck. Is this a good deck
overall? I really like vintage high end cassette decks..
Those tandbergs were some of teh best and collector items still for some.

Of course that was many years ago. Tandberg is no longer around and not many places around these days that know the gear well to do any servicing (tape decks in particular tend to require maintenance over time to remain in good working order) so I would be leary of the condition of any unit these days and want to know something about its history, and not overpay.
I think you should go ahead and buy it, especially considering the fact that Tandberg3004 is your AudiogoN moniker.
It would almost be foolish NOT to have that tape deck while using that moniker.
That would be heresy I suppose.
OP must already have one and wants to get another just in case another one will need service.
I like Nak BX100 tho.

On a side note how is "raymonda". I thinking of purchasing one but I'm not sure.
The Raymonda decks are nice but a Yogiboy is a notch above!
Excellent deck. You should do some research into vintage cassette repair shops, also see if you can find out the provenance of this deck.

Even the best vintage cassette deck is going to need service at some point.