Tandberg 3001 and 3001A

I have an opportunity to purchase a used Tandberg 3001 tuner for $375 USD. Will this tuner out perform my current Magnum Dynalab FT 101? In addition, does anyone know what is the difference between a 3001 and a 3001A? Can anyone direct me to a website that will describe the 3001 features.
i've heard both tunas, but not in direct a-b comparison. that said, i tink i'd choose the tandberg for sound. these can be wery spendy to keep maintained, tho - assume the presets will get stuck & need a few hundred-dollard-worth to make right, if not done recently - these tings are gettin' old, now... ;~)

re: differences between 3001 & 3001a, heinz preiss, who works on these, & other off-beat euro-stuff (telefunken, grundig, electrocompaniet, among others), sez the only difference is the 3001 is silver, the 3001a is black...

dunno about websites for this tuna, mebbe tandberg? the owner should be able to brief ya on the features; look for an old oct isue of audio for the specs...

several years ago i replaced a magnum with a tandberg 3001 (musta been-it was black). anyways, the tandberg was superior to the magnum in a number of respects, particularly the ability to pull in relatively weak signals and turn em' into music. that said, i now own an onix/soap, which trounces both at a very good price.
tanks, cornfedboy, i guess i don't have to get my brother-in-law to bring over his 3001 to a-b w/my onix/soap, now... ;~)
I'd be leery of a 3001 or a 3001A. My brother has one, which eventually died. It used multiple PCB's and after a while the connections between them went bad.

Instead, look for a Tandberg 3012 or 3012A. I've had my 3012 for nearly 20 years (or whenever it was that it first came out). Other than having to replace the micro-switches (about a $250 investment), it's never needed a thing, and it sounds great.
I have owned both the 3001 and the 3014. My present favorite tuner, the Kenwood KT3300D, pulls in more distant stations cleanly (I'm on Cape Cod), although it is very hard to find one.