Tandberg 3001, 3002, 3003

I was passed down a Tandeberg 3001-3003, basically Tuner, Preamp, and Amplifier in pristine condition.  I tried searching the internet for a reference price but I can't seem to find too much pricing on them.  They seem to be pretty rare  especially if you have all 3 components like I do.  Anyone know pricing on something like this?
trigz, if it was me i'd list 'em together on ebay with a starting bid of $999--you'd probably get more listing 'em separately but it's less hassle w/packing, shipping etc.
They were made in Norway in the mid 1980s. They were very good at the time. I had them and think the sold close to $4000 for all three pieces. I am not sure if I would call them rare or vintage. If they still work that is great. Not sure if you will find all the parts today if any are needed.

The 3001 FM only tuner, when calibrated right, beat anything put up against it even the earlier  Magnum Dynalab that I put up against it.
Now I have a very good DAB tuner, and I wouldn't go back.

Cheers George
The presets on the 3000 series are well known to fail over time and are very expensive to repair.