Tandberg 3000a series

Hello I recently came across a Tandberg 3000a stereo system consisting of the 3001a, 3006a, 3008a, 3014a. Everything is in very clean working condition. What are your opinions on this system as a whole? I hear good things about the tape deck and tuner
nice toys
It's very good equipment. One of my buddy's parents in high school had a complete tandberg system in the 80s. Nice Danish look. Timeless and would look good today in a rack.
Nightcreatur, Tanberg is excellent equipment. The 3000A is an upgrade of the 3000 series with improved capacitors, resistors and numerous other parts. The 3001A is one of the best tuners ever made and the 3014A is one of the best cassette recorders ever made. Most people liked it better than the Nakamichi Dragon. The 3008A is an excellent preamp. It was not the best preamp produced by Tandberg, but very good with external switches for cartridge loading with MM and MC phono. The 3006A is a 150wpc slim line amplifier which I believe uses mosfet outputs.
Approximate 1987 retail prices were:

3001A $2000
3014A $2000
3008A $1000
3006A $1000

Try to keep the power cords with the equipment it was intended to be used with. This is late 1980s equipment, so try to choose your cables wisely. You may get better results without audiophile approved cables.

A nice addition to this system would be a Tandberg 3015A CD player.

Tandberg was manufactured in Norway and was a very strong brand until the late 1980s when the importer/distributor lost his contract with Tandberg because of poor dealer support. The importer/distributor took his remaining inventory and blew it out at 6th Avenue Electronics for 30 cents on the dollar in an effort to destroy the company. Tandberg never recovered and that was the end of Tandberg. However, the models you have were not in that blow out sale. It was mostly a new lower line Tandberg was introducing and the CD player.
The 3001A is a great tuner, but once the presets start to go, and they will, expect a large bill for a service overhaul.
I am sure the Norwegians that built all Tandeberg products in Norway will be very pleased to hear that their products have "A nice Danish look" :-D :-D :-D
I am sure the Norwegians that built all Tandberg products in Norway will be very pleased to hear that their products have "A nice Danish look" :-D :-D :-D
Coolest open reel decks ever made!
I worked at a stereo store in 1975-6 that sold Tandberg, Revox, and Nakamichi (as well as Teac), and I owned a Tandberg reel-to-reel. To these ears, the Tandberg reel-to-reels sounded better than the Revox A-77 and their 330 cassette deck trounced the Nakamichi 1000 and 700.

The Tandberg R2Rs had a s/n ratio of 64 dB, where the Teac, Sony, and Pioneers of the day were at 55-58 dB. Even the much more expensive Revox with Dolby was only 2 dB better than the Tandberg. I never got around to getting one of their cassette decks but we weren't paid much back then.
Still love Tandberg. Probably the best end to end line sold at Tech Hifi back in the day. Had a tr-2080 receiver for many years. Sold it to a guy in Norway. Always sounded good. Just make sure in good working order and do not overpay.