Tandberg 2075 or Mcintosh MAC 4200. Better?

Tandberg 2075 or Mcintosh MAC 4200.

Which is a better sounding receiver for vinyl and while we're at it, tuner section.

Also, is a Marantz 19 better than both?

Thanks for your help.
If you can get a warranty of some sort on the McIntosh that would make it my choice. The Mac is almost always a brand you can resell if you want to move up, or tire of it. The Tandberg, was once a really high marquee brand but now not so much for receivers.
What speakers are you using the Mac is not all that powerful? The Mac tuner enjoy an excellent reputation.
Tandberg folded many years ago,McIntosh is still in business,so for that reason I would go with Mac! As for which is better sounding it would be very hard to find someone who has both of these older units to compare!
Yogiboy is correct. Tandberg made superb gear, especially their tape decks, but they are long gone and parts are almost impossible to come by. Soundsmith is the only US company I know of that can fix their stuff and they charge an arm and a leg to do it.

The McIntosh is readily serviceable, even by the factory if need be. The speaker connection terminals can be a pain on some units, but the build quality is excellent and the sound quality solid. Good luck!