Tandberg 1020 Light Bulb

I recently acquired a Tandberg Tr-1020 and need to replace a bulb. The bulb is a small threaded bulb and reads Mazda 3586 on it. Anyone know what the modern replacement is?

I think it needs an E10 base but not sure about Voltage or Amperage. Keep in mind i am not very technical, the fact that i got it open and was able to remove the bulb without breaking anything would shock those that know me.  
You may have better luck on audiokarma.com
Vintage electronics is their main thing there. Somebody should be able to help you.
I strongly encourage you to replace those lights with low current LED's if possible. Huge drain on the power supply, and heats up insides of the receiver.

A technician should be able to whip something up for you.


There is a place called Chicago Miniatures in Chicago IL, they supplied all the tiny lights used in all the old McIntosh pieces.....(Mac uses LED now). Also, there is a retail store in Austin TX .....
  • 6318 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757Cross Streets: Near the intersection of Burnet Rd and Burnet Ln/White Horse TrlNeighborhoods: Allandale
  • (512) 453-2852
  • lightbulbshop.net

  • This place has a lot of older style and tiny light bulbs.
    Thanks guys. I found a shop here that says they can give it a tune up. That said, it seems to be working fine minus the lights. Sounds so damn good compared to the Marantz 2253 i was using. 

    Thanks again.